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An All-American Afternoon

We were hit with yet another snow storm last weekend and on a scale of 0 to I can’t get my goddamn car out of the driveway, we hit the latter. But, I still managed to make the voyage to and from my grand lunch plans last Sunday. I just couldn’t get my car back into my driveway (and got stuck several times in the road.) Read More Β»

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Winter Athleisure

Athleisure All the Way

Usually at least half the day on weekends and after work you can find me in some version of this look. Jeans are so uncomfortable for me and I just want to wear leggings or jogger pants every day of my life. I think I just need new jeans, but instead I buy new leggings in the same style and color I already own a dozen versions of already. Read More Β»

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