Friday, February 27, 2015

Fitness Friday: Local Favorites

I've been embracing the leisure/athletic wear trend lately, transitioning my workout clothes to everyday wear with adding elements like a plaid shirt or cropped sweatshirt. I started 2015 off right by committing myself to a more diverse workout schedule, adding a lot more yoga and making it a priority to work out just about every day and even twice a day. But, as February rolled around and school got in the way and work got hectic, I just couldn't work out as much and naturally when I do that I eat even more terribly. March will be my month of finding balance, eating better and working out a more realistic schedule! Luckily, I have some really great studios and instructors to visit in my city. Read below for my favorites!
[top from Pure Barre, pants and hat by Lululemon, flannel c/o Aeropostale, Rayban aviators c/o Sunglasses Shop
I've been incorporating a more diverse style of workouts to my schedule including yoga, barre, cardio and strength now. My fave places include:
FlexCity Fitness: This place may be most favorite place ever. Loud music paired with interval training (and even some dancing and singing from Jenny from time to time) consisting of anything from treadmills, spin bikes, TRX, barre and more. No two classes are ever the same and I leave there a hot sweaty mess, which I know means I got in a good workout.  Love Jenny and Trista!
Pure Barre: My body and mind constantly struggle in this class, but the instructors will adjust you to help get you in correct form. I know if I ate better, I could have some abs thanks to that class.
Ardha Moon: I have very little experience in yoga and the slow flow classes are challenging, but fun with Ellen's instruction, adjustments and music. The studio is welcoming and Ellen just has such a charismatic personality that motivates you to try your hardest during class.
Strength and Conditioning Class/Downtown YMCA: Kalea's strength and conditioning class was where I started my fitness journey and she taught me how to nail basic form from planks to squats. It's also always a great mix of cardio and strength training and I love the people who take her class!
JustB Yoga: The classes I've attended by Eric (slow burn and slow empower) always reinvigorate me. It's a great way to start a week or end a crappy day. Plus, they're donation based and are very involved in the community. A lot of good vibes.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Spring Clean Refresh with Meijer

Spring cleaning and purging is something I enjoy very deeply. I get this sense of relief by letting go of the extra shit I don't need or no longer use. Of course it's hard to let go of things sometimes, but I remind myself of friends and family who would appreciate the beauty products, clothing and accessories I no longer use. Here are some ideas I've incorporated in my spring cleaning and organization!
1. As Elsa sings, let it gooooo. Is it old as shit? Is it unopened and forgotten? Does it smell funny and you hate it but you spend $30 on it and feel like you need to keep it? Let it gooo! My first step is the de-clutter phase. My office/getting ready area gets worse before it gets better because I go through every nook and cranny to pull out anything I no longer use. It's tossed into a pile and then sorted by a. things I can sell on Poshmark b. things that my niece, mom or aunt would like c. things my friend Ashley would appreciate d. items for donation e. actual garbage that needs to go in the trash. After I identify what I'm going to keep, I clean everything off. Dust accumulates in my apartment and if I wash out the containers and dust products, I can continue with the real fun.
2. Find everything a home. To properly store and organize your items, you might need to make a trip to a retail store or thrift containers for storage. I like the acrylic make up organizers from Target or Homegoods, but I also use cheap pencil holders or old mugs to hold brushes and lipsticks. You could also take it a step further and find cool pieces like my rustic lipstick holder from Citizen Home Decor. Whatever method you choose, if you take a thoughtful approach to spring cleaning, it's easier to maintain organization and a clean, presentable space where you can find everything you're looking for.
3. Organize like products. Perhaps most of you get that, but the concept is relatively new to me. I used to keep hair products in the bathroom, in my closet, bedroom and in the linen closet, the more used products mixed among the rarely used. Now, I've created a system of keeping like products that are used the most in my office where I get ready so I can easily locate it. Hair products, beauty and fragrance are now arranged this way and it makes my life much easier each morning.
4. Move things around. Keep things fresh by rearranging everything from furniture to make up organizers. This is especially hard for me to do, almost impossible, but it creates this sense of excitement and this excitement keeps me motivated to keep it clean and organized. Got any tips on spring cleaning and organization? Please share with me!
*Post sponsored by Meijer. Thank you for supporting collaborations such as this!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Winter Florals

I did quite a bit of early spring cleaning the last couple weeks. I've been disgusted with how much shit I've accumulated. As I dug through closets, drawers and shelves filled with clothes, shoes and beauty products, I stumbled upon this faux fur jacket my friend Ashley thrifted for me. Bless her heart she knows I love a big oversized faux fur coat. I threw it over this feminine dress. I felt a little like Kate Hudson from Almost Famous.
Photos by Kyle Keberlein

Friday, February 20, 2015

Thoughts on Redecorating

It's always a traumatic experience for me when I have to place furniture or rearrange things. I become attached to the same layout and second guess myself when I move things around or buy new furniture..and instantly miss whatever it once was even if it was a shitty $20 Ikea coffee table and I finally found the right replacement for the living room. For some reason, I miss that shitty $20 Ikea coffee table.
The living room is finally done now that I have six months left on my lease, just little odds and ends to finish like finding the right home for my new succulent arrangements I bought from Clyde's Rebirth. I've donated most of the furniture in my office to friends and have replaced the darker finishes and bulkier pieces with natural tones to give the small room a lighter, more airy feeling. I'm really stuck on it and I need Merl to come visit and fix it for me, but I'll trek along until she gets her butt to Michigan. It might be -15 degrees out, but I'm in spring cleaning mode (so everything is a mess) and I'll share more photos once the other rooms are more organized! Anyone else got the itch to declutter and rearrange?
Also, if you're into succulents and don't know shit about them like me, Merl and her sis Kate of Sit Kip Productions produced a tutorial video on how to plant and arrange!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Wore this out on the town for a dentist appointment (I have a cavity goddamn it) and a trip to the car dealership to check in on the trade in value on my chevy equinox. Gotta have a fresh outfit for such an occasion.
[tee from J Crew, jacket from Zara, blanket scarf/poncho worn as scarf and jeans from Urban Outfitters, boots c/o Trask, hat from Macy's, bag by Rebecca Minkoff, gold rings by Katie Dean Jewelry]

Monday, February 16, 2015

Windy City Tunnels

I've converted to a 100 percent pants person, but this skirt is so beautiful that I realize I need to incorporate some pretty feminine elements from time to time instead of grunge all day err day. I made a quick trip to Chicago last week and felt like this look deserved the backdrop of Chicago, despite the frigid ass temps.
[Weston skirt and faux leather top c/o Retail Therapy (Lansing ladies, get your ass there!), heels from DSW, bracelet by Clyde's Rebirth, aviators by Rayban, clutch by BCBG, jacket by BB Dakota, diamond shaped ring by Katie Dean]
Photos by Merl, Clyde's Rebirth

Friday, February 13, 2015

Love My City with Shinola

I'm a woman of routine and don't get me wrong, I love to visit new restaurants and bars, but I have my go-to spots for eating, drinking, shopping and socializing in Lansing. I’ve partnered with Detroit watch company Shinola to show off my favorite spots while wearing a few of their gorgeous watches from their spring line.
We shot these photos in my favorite neighborhood, Old Town. I love the alleyways and cute shops. It's especially great in the summer to walk James, visit vintage boutiques and admire the local art. And force the boyfriend to take blog pictures.
Strange Matter Coffee opened in Lansing just last year and it’s my favorite spot for coffee dates. Great coffee, artsy vibes and so much natural light. If you’re ever in town, you must get the cinnamon and honey latte, it’s my favorite on the menu.
Allie also loves the cinnamon and honey latte!
The antique store Mega Mall in Lansing is unassuming from the exterior. It’s hidden among old motels and closed down stores and it fills a space that was previously a grocery store. If I have some time on my hands and I’m searching for some unique, inexpensive pieces from accent tables to vintage fur jackets, it’s the best spot. The place is huge and if you can dig through the old, creepy dolls and VHS tapes, there are so many gems.
I’ve got a major sweet tooth and the cupcakes and snickerdoodle cookies at Whipped Bakery are heavenly.
I’m not of a night owl, but I do love Zoobies and happy hour drinks, or on the rare occasion, staying out past my bedtime sipping on hard ciders and eating an assortment of cheeses. The bar’s charm is what really gets me. The lacquered 1960s wallpaper, local art and repurposed wood used to make  the tables are beautiful. I just stare around at the walls and light fixtures in awe of how cool of a space it is. 
Connected to Zoobies is the tastiest pizza place in town, Cosmos! I love the pepperoni pizza while my friends' favorite is the fried egg pizza with pancetta and plenty of egg yolk. We all agree though that the duck fries are absolutely delicious, especially with truffle oil and parmesan.
*Sponsored by Shinola. Thank you for supporting collaborations with brands such as Shinola! Be sure to check them out--watches and leather goods are absolutely gorgeous and manufactured IN Detroit! Read their story here.