Thursday, May 26, 2016

Nashville Boho Style + the Non-Tourist Guide to the Music City

There's nothing I dislike more than dirty, crowded bars and really any attraction crawling with people on vacation. Call me a curmudgeon, but I like my space, less people and blending in with locals no matter where I go. So, I avoid Broadway and the bar scene like it's my job and travel the varying neighborhoods scattered through the city.
During the first day in Nashville, I snagged my favorite slice of pizza in the city at Five Points located in East Nashville followed by a trifecta of deliciously sweet goodness at Jeni's Ice Cream. I opted for my favorites peppermint and almond brittle and tried out the blueberry frozen yogurt. Earlier that day, I tried out Juice Bar in Germantown and finally got my hands on a breakfast bagel sandwich at Proper Bagel in Belmont. The second day included donuts, brunch and burgers while weaving in and out of neighborhoods to shop and explore, but I'll get into those in a bit!
[Taylor top + Seychelles Forward wedge sandals c/o PB&J Boutique, (20 percent off code: memorial20), jeans by Mother, bag by Rebecca Minkoff, necklace + bracelet by Clyde's Rebirth, Le Specs sunglasses c/o Sunglasses Shop]
My favorite neighborhoods in Nashville are East Nashville, Germantown and 12 South. Each have been growing and expanding since my first visit New Years Eve 2012. A great guide is available by Nashville Guru. Scroll below for a break down of favorite food spots, coffee shops and boutiques.

Favorite food stops
  • Five Points Pizza. East Nashville spot: Spend little $$ and eat a delicious-ass slice of pizza.
  • Butchertown Hall. Germantown: Good meats, big, beautiful space and lots of outdoor seating.
  • Burger Up. 12 South: If you're a burger person like me you'll be in heaven. Plus the sweet potato fries are perfection.
  • Five Daughters Bakery. 12 South: For donuts! Normal kinds I like plus vegan and paleo versions!
  • Jeni's Ice Cream. 12 South & East Nashville: These are located throughout Nashville and beyond (started in Ohio I believe), but it never gets old. So many creamy flavors and fruity frozen yogurt options.
  • Juice Bar. Great variety, healthy and several locations throughout the city.
  • Pharmacy Burger. East Nashville: Beer garden, great burgers and those buns! CARBS NOM.
  • Las Paletas. 12 South: Pay an arm and a leg for a popsicle, but fuck it's good.
  • Proper Bagel. Belmont: In a converted house with lots subway tile, this light and bright space is welcoming with fresh flowers, natural light and so much delicious stuff from a dozen or so flavors of cream cheeses to fresh bagels to deli-like foods AND pastries.

Coffee Shop Favorites
  • Barista Parlor. Several locations, my favorites are in East Nashville + Germantown. They have large, garage doors that open, an industrial feel that still feels warm and welcoming and the staff are friendly. No pretentious baristas!
  • CREMA. SoBro: convenient if you're staying close to downtown + good coffee + plenty of outdoor seating.
  • Frothy Monkey. Several locations, but my favorite in 12 South in an old converted house. Good breakfast + coffee!

  • Imogene + Willie. Located in 12 South in an old, converted gas station, this place is beautiful and carries their own line of denim, Aesop products and more.
  • MODA. Located next to Frothy Monkey in 12 South, they carry designer labels, high quality clothing and jewelry/accessories. 
  • Cadeau. In 12 South down the street in a newer building (next to a Jeni's), this home decor boutique is my absolute favorite of all the home decor/gift shops I've visited.
  • Hey Rooster General Store. This tiny little shop is sweet and filled with cute stationary, apothecary products and other gift items. It's located in East Nashville across from Barista Parlor, or pretty close from what I remember. Grab a coffee and hop across the street!
  • White's Mercantile. A large general store located in 12 South carrying everything from cute dog accessories to women's clothing to apothecary products. It's pretty large and filled with products--you can lose track of time easily as you scan all the products!
  • Abednego. There are a few beautiful shops in Germantown and this is the only one I had time to pop into and it was gorgeous and I loved the clothes and the home goods/gifts.

Monday, May 23, 2016


Time was not on my side last week and I was rushing around until the moment I arrived at my mom's on Friday to scoop her up for our road trip to Nashville. I left my hair in my workout bun for the drive down but tossed on this maxi dress that instantly made me feel more pulled together. I tied the bottom as I might normally do with a long maxi dress and added these lace up flats that are now perfectly broken in. We had a six hour drive the first day to Louisville and we took much longer than that to step off the highway and check out anything interesting along the way (and many pee breaks for mother).
Since we were driving and it was just the two of us in the car, I, for the first time in history, over-packed. I packed so many shoes, extra jackets, healthy food for snacks and meals for the drive. The mess of it all gives me anxiety, but I am not without the shoes I want for every outfit, or the purse for that matter.
[maxi dress c/o Black Swan, rings + necklaces by Katie Dean Jewelry, jacket from Zara, sunglasses by Quay]

Friday, May 20, 2016

Cute Stuff

The last couple weeks have been stressful AF. I'm just weeks away from being done with my master's  program and I've told myself I gotta say no to more things and do whatever I want. In the spirit of fun and doing what I want, I'll share a handful of photos from the last month where I took the time to chill! 
Ever since my first micro-needling skin treatment, I've become more intrigued with beauty products and properly painting my face. My skin is in better shape and it deserves better products and techniques, so I was happy to receive the Zoeva brush set. I've been slowly investing in a few great brushes, but this set completes me! A good brush makes all the difference in application, especially love the highlighter brush paired with Tarte's skin twinkler lightening palette that I bought on a whim from Sephora and instantly loved it and read great reviews on.
When I took some time to relax two weeks ago, it involved dressing my dog up in a pink party hat and posing near the window for optimal light. His precious little face makes me happy!
Ice cream cones with Hannah and James a few weeks ago! I was snapping some photos for a job with Meijer and a few outtakes I love--like James trying to sneak a taste of Hannah's ice cream.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016


I love olive tones this spring and the versatility of this dress lent itself well for a press conference in Flint last week and styled more casually after work. I'm not a huge fan of blazers so I opted for a simple leather jacket and leopard heels, a few closet staples I haven't worn in a while
Also, I just realized you can see my black underwear through the dress in the photos. When I wore it last week, I DID wear nude undergarments! Thank God.
[Abba dress c/o Black Swan Clothing, leather jacket by BCBG, vintage Chanel bag, Rayban aviators, eye necklace by Katie Dean Jewelry, necklace by Clyde's Rebirth]

Monday, May 16, 2016


Winter decided to return like an asshole yesterday. Still bitter. Snow fell in little flurries and instead of wearing a dress for lunch with my friend Jen in Grand Rapids, I was forced to wear layers (not pictured: leather jacket worn under vest.) We met at Gravity, a beautiful spot off of 96 where they had BLUEBERRY MIMOSAS and everything brisket..but since I just started a nutrition program and I simply was feeling like a pile of shit, I ordered a wedge salad. A salad is the last thing I crave on any menu, which tells you how terrible I felt if a few slices of iceberg lettuce suited my fancy.
Also, I've been shopping for some hair care products for summer and thought I'd share a few favorite luxury and budget-friendly haircare products over on Mode!
[vest c/o Lulu's (last year), jeans by BDG, shoes from Zara, vintage Chanel bag, choker by Vanessa Mooney, sunglasses by Rayban, watch c/o Obaku]
Photos by Jen Reid

Friday, May 13, 2016

All White Before Memorial Day

I'm a sucker for all black ensembles and wearing white makes me feel like a Stepford wife, but it's all in the styling. Braids and platform shoes made it less stuffy and more fun and approachable. 
[top by Alembika + pants from Retail Therapy, Rayban sunglasses c/o Shade Station, shoes from Lori's Shoes]

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Stripes, Always

My winter uniform translated to warmer seasons: striped dress instead of a striped tee and jeans, boots and a light draped jacket. I wore this to work on Monday for possibly the only sunny, warm day we'll have this week. Oh, and check out these new boots by Harley Davidson Footwear! First the boots, then the bike?
[coat c/o Lulu's, necklace by Clyde's Rebirth, Canell boots c/o Harley Davidson Footwear, bag by Rebecca Minkoff, Rayban sunglasses c/o Sunglasses Shop, watch c/o Obaku, dress from Forever 21]
Photos by Liz Westerhof