Tuesday, June 30, 2015


I've been helping Retail Therapy move into their pop up shop space in Old Town, the creative neighborhood filled with cute shops, creative agencies and restaurants. I'm in the midst some big life changes and as I organize and plan my next steps, I'll be helping with sales at the pop up, which means I get to sport some fun threads and spend more time in my favorite area in town.
I snagged this poncho from the shop and paired it with ripped jeans and a pop of turquoise with the bracelets yesterday, the easy type of look I love to wear in the summer when it's not so hot.
[Project Social T poncho from Retail Therapy, jeans by BDG, boots by Prada, aviators c/o Shade Station, bracelet set c/o I am Jes, gold ring by Katie Dean Jewelry]
Photos by Liz Westerhof

Friday, June 26, 2015

Workout & Post-Workout Essentials

A variation of Fitness Friday, I wanted to share a couple essentials for pre and post-workout. Post-workout (if I'm not too sweaty and require an immediate shower), I use one of these essential oil mixes that is light and relaxing. I created this blend with The Collective during a workshop at Merl's Shudio. It was funny because all the calm yogi's created wonderfully uplifting mixes and I'm like I need ALL THE CALMING SCENTS.
I've used a lot of deodorants over the years and I've been using Dove advanced care deodorant for more than a year and it comes in wonderfully subtle scents and is super moisturizing, something that is a concern for my dry arm pits that require daily shaving.
Crude sent me some cold pressed juices and I haven't found a green juice that I actually enjoy. I can force myself to drink some and love the fruitier variations, but the crude green juice is actually quite tasty.
My hair suffers the most from my workouts. All the sweat ( I sweat a lot on my head) ruins my hair, making it fuzzy and stiff. I've been spritzing this DevaCurl lavender curl revitalizer to deoderize my hair along with smoothing out the fuzzies with a hot iron around my forehead to solve those problems.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Officially Summer

I love a high waist pair of shorts and a crop top--it's a summer staple for me on those cooler days when I prefer sleeves like yesterday. 
[shorts c/o Kohl's, sweater from Forever 21, Steve Madden heels, bracelet c/o Bling Jewelry, rings by Clyde's Rebirth, sunglasses c/o Shade Station]
Photos by Kyle Keberlein

Monday, June 22, 2015

Low Key

There's nothing I love more than mooching off a delicious brunch spread and thankfully, my friend Sam is a crafty, artsy, creative host who also baked and cooked some wonderful things (a quiche with most of the vegetables coming from her own garden and gluten free muffins) along with a yogurt parfait bar, fresh fruit, donuts and mimosas with mango and orange juice to choose from. 
For the occasion of eating and sitting out on her patio, I tossed on a light cotton dress with flat sandals. I tied up the bottom of the dress since it was a little too big and a little too long. Problem solved.
[henley dress (runs a little big, I usually wear a small, wish I would've gotten an xs!) and aviators c/o Kohl's, bag c/o Lo & Sons, sandals c/o Aeropostale]
Photos by Liz Westerhof

Friday, June 19, 2015

My Friend Erin

I met Erin when I was 22 and fresh out of college at my first big girl job. She worked with me and we bonded over owning the same pair of jeans. Back in those days, I owned probably three pairs of shoes total, one of which were a pair of flats that smelled like garbage and I kept gluing the soles back on, despite my coworkers' pleads to throw the stinky shoes away. Thanks to Erin, I grew out of my redneck roots (just a little) to gain appreciation for quality pieces of clothing. And now I have too many shoes.
We met up earlier in the week and I snapped a couple photos of her because I love her effortless styles on her days off. 

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Urban Jungle

My eyes are finally catching up to my old, old grumpy soul. I've had to wear my glasses more often and switch back and forth during sunny days with my aviators. So, I've accurately documented this look with both my aviators and new prescription eyeglasses. However not documented, was the switch to Birkenstocks shortly after these photos since I could no longer hobble through the work day in them. I had some meetings downtown Detroit and found time to meet with my friend Erin and catch up at Ottava Via over pizza and pasta, and I also snapped some photos of her that I'll be sharing soon!
[pants c/o Retail Therapy, top from Banana Republic, heels c/o Call It Spring, bag by Loeffler Randall, ring c/o Bling Jewelry, eyeglasses c/o Firmoo]
Photos by Erin

Monday, June 15, 2015

Everything's Golden

I had about a minute post-workout to pull myself together for a couple meetings last week so the hair stayed in the workout bun and I was pretty impressed with its staying power after a cardio class. Merl sent me a care package filled with everything I love like hot cheetos, nail polish, lululemon and most importantly, this special edition Clyde's Rebirth necklace from her new line. I've been wearing it a lot this past week.
[top from UO, shorts by Levi's, necklace gift by Clyde's Rebirth, sandals c/o Aeropostale, bag by Rebecca Minkoff, ring c/o Bling Jewelry]
Photos by Liz Westerhof