Friday, December 19, 2014

Rayban Giveaway with Sunglasses Shop!

Want to win a pair of Rayban sunglasses, your choice of style? Thanks to Sunglasses Shop, you can enter the giveaway by simply commenting with your email. If you'd like to enter the giveaway a second or third time, just share this giveaway on Facebook or Twitter and leave another comment letting me know you shared it. Giveaway is open until January 4, 2015! Good Luck!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014


I threw this on last weekend in the matter of minutes and the idea of slouchy pants during my month of overeating seemed most realistic for comfort. What's your go-to comfortable outfit for the holidays?
[camel flats c/o Tieks, glasses c/o Firmoo, coat from Urban Outfitters, top from Madewell, pants by BDG, hat from Lululemon, Wendy bracelet by Clyde's Rebirth, bag by Rebecca Minkoff]
Photos by Kyle Keberlein

Monday, December 15, 2014

A Little Bit Fringe

I picked out this dress from Retail Therapy to wear to a holiday gala I have this week. I got it styled already and naturally before photographing it, I wandered about the apartment, putting away dog toys and cleaning the toilet. I'm so glam. 
For Lansing locals, Retail Therapy has a great holiday event this Wednesday to allow the ladies to shop, create their wish list and sip champagne earlier in the day and have the hubbies, boyfriends or partners pop in later to pick up items on their wish list with snacks and booze for all! Before my visit last week, I hadn't been in the shop, but it was filled with the most beautiful, luxe items. I ogled the pretty jewelry, dresses and denim. More info about the event is on their Facebook page.
[dress c/o Retail Therapy, leather jacket from Zara, heels by Christian Louboutin, clutch by Clare Vivier, necklace from Forever 21]
Photos by Kyle Keberlein

Friday, December 12, 2014

Fitness Friday: Fitness Everyday

I was just thinking just how much my attitude (and actual strength and endurance) have evolved when it comes to fitness. Last year at this time, I was a month into this lifestyle change and I was also wearing baggy kickball t-shirts and regular bras to the gym. Fast forward a year later, taking care of my body has just become a bigger priority and it's actually fun.
With this fitness change came a more positive outlook and realizing I'm in charge my own happiness and making those small changes to get there. One of these new changes is a wonderful part-time job at Lululemon. Friends were concerned I might burn myself out with my public relations job and weekend Lululemon, but it's my time to be surrounded by positive people with the common interest of working out. It just doesn't seem like work.
And now I find myself wearing fun workout clothes most of the time and I've been thinking about how I can elevate a pair of leggings when I don't have time (or really, just too lazy) to change post-workout. I tested this out when I grabbed lunch with my friend Andrea. I added the flannel over a tank, switched out the sneakers for cozy boots and threw on a hat on top of my gross hair. Voila!
[Quilted Vest and Muck Boots c/o Joules, flannel shirt c/o Aeropostale, leggings from Lululemon, hat from Imogene + Willie]
Photos by Andrea Ragan

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Lust List: Cozy Holiday Wear Under $100!

My family gatherings for the holidays are super laidback and casual, which translates to cozy knits, layers and maybe a little bling to spice it up. Here's a round up of items on my list to create the perfect holiday lounge wear to overeat, nap and overeat some more in.
1. Grey Cable Knit Loose Sweater, $32
2. Fair Isle Strip Scarf, $78
3. Delilah Necklace by Clyde's Rebirth, $68
4. Diagonal Stitch Beanie, $24
5. Crochet Fingerless Fox Gloves, $24.17
6. Savannah Tote, $88
7. Chrissy Bootie, $45.95
8. Beige and Black Print Infinity Scarf, $24
9. Jogger Pants, $59.95

Monday, December 8, 2014

Quick Bun Updo For Curly Girls!

I partnered with Meijer this holiday season to share a couple tips on styling curly/wavy hair for the holidays and my most favorite and easiest style is the top bun. I think this can look quite elevated with curly hair, and bonus: take little effort and time which is what I'm all about.
I started with clean hair. I know a lot of people say dirty hair is easier to style, but my hair gets more like dreadlocks the dirtier it is so I prefer to do more with one day or two day old hair, which I consider to be pretty clean. All you need is a hair tie and two bobby pins! I also added a little extra John Frieda Oil Elixir to smooth the frizzies around my face too. So with these few items, you can get started!
Step 1: High pony. Pull all your hair up into a ponytail, paying little attention to making it perfectly smooth, if there's a weird bump, I just address it later with a bobby pin. I prefer the imperfect with styling my hair, I want it to look effortless, not homeless or too stuffy. It's about getting the right balance.
Step 2: Wrap your hair like a donut around the base of your ponytail. To secure your hair, use a bobby pin or tuck the end of your hair into your elastic band. If you like a tighter bun, tucking it into your elastic band tends to keep it in a tighter ball and it's what I do for workouts, but for something more special, I make it a little looser and fluffier by using just 2-3 bobby pins securing it.
If there are any pieces sticking up in the bun, I just tuck them back in the elastic band. I also tend to pull pieces of hair down around my ears, a little messier the better for me!
This post was sponsored by Meijer

Friday, December 5, 2014

Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening Giveaway!

Happy December! I've got an at-home professional teeth whitening system giveaway, thanks to Smile Brilliant and a short review of the Smile Brilliant system below!
If you'd like to enter the giveaway, just comment with your email address. For a second or third entry, share on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram and leave another comment indicating you shared the giveaway. Giveaway ends on Sunday, December 21 at 9 p.m. EST. Good Luck!
I was hesitant to try teeth whitening in the past since even Crest whitening strips made my sensitive teeth ache. But in the last five years, coffee and pop have stained my teeth and I've been wanting to get my teeth professionally whitened. And like an angel cascading from the sky, a rep from Smile Brilliant asked if I wanted to try this out and I was like, hell yes.
Smile Brilliant sent a package with step by step directions for using the materials to make my own teeth impressions that I mailed in. Soon after, I received custom fitted trays to use with the teeth whitening gel and desensitizing gel. I've used them five times (every other day) to make sure my teeth could handle it and I'm still using it, but I can tell a noticeable difference and I haven't had to deal with any tooth sensitivity.