Friday, November 28, 2014

Fitness Friday: A Walk in the Park

The weather improved just enough to not completely freeze my ass off outside so James has been enjoying more walks. I've been trying to work out even more in preparation for the holiday season,  which is when I lose what little self control I have. Ever since Halloween hit, I've been indulging in a lot of candy and junk food. The increased access to miniature candies from Halloween opened up a blackhole of shit eating for me and I can't escape it. Every day I tell myself "TODAY is the day you eat better and track your calories again" and with each passing day, I eat a cookie after breakfast and say "TOMORROW I will track my calories." I signed up for a fitness challenge with FlexCity Fitness to maintain my weight through the holiday season though, so I'll be using the challenge as motivation.
[Cold Shoulder Zip Up Hoodie and So Bootyful Capris c/o Zumba Wear, sports bra by Lululemon, Rayban aviators c/o Sunglasses Shop, Nike shoes]
Photos by Kyle Keberlein

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Black, White, Grey

It's a priority of mine to be a lazy bum on Sundays. I feel like a robot the rest of the week trying to cram as much in as possible and be the most efficient with my time, but Sundays are the days I'll work out, but then nap on the couch and watch a marathon of Bar Rescue. I was exhausted and even though I had my couch and Bar Rescue, we had to get our grocery shopping done, so I mustered the energy to get dressed and leave the house. To tell you the truth, I felt like the baddest bitch picking up refrigerated dog food at Petco.
[long stripe tee c/o Windsor, leather leggings by BCBG, Azura Masha Shoes c/o Spring Step (also want these boots),  leather jacket from Zara, hat from Target, sweater from Forever 21]
Photos by Kyle Keberlein

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Toothbrushin' with Sonicare

I’ve always enjoyed the finer meals in life like a Snickers bar, eating frosting out of the can and slowly sipping on cokes, all of which, paired with my predisposed redneckness of terrible teeth, made me a poster child for what not to do to ensure a mouth of cavities. 
While I still drink pop, I've cut back on the sweets significantly and have gotten so much better with flossing and was pumped to take my oral health up a notch with trying the Philips Sonicare PowerUp. It also has a self-timer of two minutes..which made me realize I need that timer to ensure I'm brushing for long enough. 
Philips Sonicare sent me two brushes, one with a soft brush and one with a medium brush. So naturally, I enlisted Kyle to take part in the challenge to try the PowerUp with the medium brush and to take awkward photos of myself with toothbrush. It took me a day to get used to an electronic toothbrush, but I really like how clean my teeth and mouth feel. Kyle says "it's good." A man of few words.
*Sponsored by Philips Sonicare
*Shop the Philips Sonicare PowerUp at Philips Sonicare and automatically get $4 off starting today until December 14!

Friday, November 21, 2014

James, the Indoor Dog

This pup just loves this stool. It's his second favorite spot, after my lap of course. It's already snowy and freezing out so we've been enjoying many cozy days and evenings indoors together watching HGTV.
I replaced my white shaggy rug with a more practical version. With a dog and a dude, I needed something a little easier to clean stains and vacuum at least twice a week. I'm on the hunt for a reclaimed wood version instead of this $20 IKEA crap table which was missing some parts so I couldn't even have the lower shelf piece.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014


I took Monday off from work for a shopping trip, but plans fell through and I decided to keep the vacation day to re-energize..which for me means, alone time in my apartment, eating a lot and trying my best to ignore email and anything work/blog/grad school related. Kyle and I went to lunch so I could get my favorite french dip sandwich and also picked up a $6 bottle of moscato to day drink while watching Mr. Selfridge. I wore this on my brief excursion outside the apartment and retired to the couch in this cozy outfit, but with fuzzy slippers. 
[coat from Urban Outfitters, jeans by J Brand, heels by Steve Madden, sweater from Forever 21, Louis Vuitton bag]
Photos by Kyle Keberlein

Monday, November 17, 2014


There are several things in my closet that I love and bought with the intention of wearing on repeat, like this leopard blanket cape. But when I first got it, I had no idea how to wear it and three years later, it has finally became that staple it was always intended to be. I threw it over a silky blouse, which kept me warm and also protected against chocolate chip stains from the cookies I ate all day. Fashion and function!
[top from Madewell, vintage leopard cape from Clyde's Rebirth, jeans from J Crew, caged pointy heels c/o Windsor, hat from Target, bag by Rebecca Minkoff]
Photos by Kyle Keberlein

Friday, November 14, 2014

Holiday Gift Guide: Best Gifts For Your Bestie

Shopping for friends can be a stressful bitch of a time, but I've come up with a shopping strategy. This really just involves hunting for small items of luxury that you might not buy for yourself, but secretly want like a pair of cozy ass slippers, a great scarf or a fancy notebook to scribble to-do lists (most of my friends are Type-A'ers like myself so it fits the bill.) What ideas do you have for holiday gift giving with your friends?
1. P.F. Candle Co. Soy Candle, $16 (my favorite scent of theirs is the teakwood and tobacco)
2. Sugar Paper Pale Pink and Gold Dot Notebook, $18
3. Woven Peak Throw, $29.99
4. Kate Spade All Occasions Card Set, $30
5. Ugg Alena Slipper, $120
6. Bite Beauty Best Bite Remix, $25
7. Vera Wang Wedgewood Polished Gold 5 Piece Place Setting, $80
8. J Crew Brushed Scarf, $72.50
9. Rainbow Orwell Bib Necklace, $58