Monday, August 22, 2016

Cut It Out

I styled this dress for a grand opening at Laurel Salon a few weeks ago where I snapped photos of the ribbon cutting, indulged in a delicious cupcake and was able to meet more of the team at Laurel. Plus, I love seeing Steph and Janae who own the salon. I'm pretty much in awe of both of them for their respective talents: Steph's hair coloring, creativity, laid-back attitude and sense of humor that perfectly complements Janae-- the perfect mix of creative and Type A MBA bad ass business owner. The two of them make a great team personally and professionally. Can you imagine working with your spouse? They do it flawlessly and the grand opening gave everyone a sneak peek of how amazing their talents come together and what it brings to the Lansing area. If you haven't checked out the salon yet, you definitely should come in for a tour and check out their services!
[cut-out dress by LNA, rings c/o Autumn Lace, clutch by CHC, similar black boots, necklace by Jenny Bird]
Photos by Ashley Howard

Friday, August 19, 2016

A Little More Sunshine

This beauty is Ashley--you usually see her work from the other side of the camera when you're on my blog since besides being a gorgeous model, she's a talented photographer and snaps a lot of my photos! The summer light was too hard to resist for a quick photoshoot and here are just a few photos--more on her blog at Ashley Ellen Howard!

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

To Fruitport and Back

Paid my mama a visit last weekend--we have a cruise and a short stay in Florida coming up next month and she's in the zone for preparation. We found her some new luggage, light tops and shorts--and bonus it was all on major sale. We ended our shopping excursion in Fruitport to grab ice cream and then I was off to Grand Rapids to shoot a family photo session. I used to HATE coming back home and I love heading to West Michigan now as much as I can.
[top from UO, similar Blank denim shorts, Rayban aviators, similar sandals, straw hat from Retail Therapy, rings by Katie Dean Jewelry]

Monday, August 15, 2016

black + white

I somehow stumbled upon a pair of perforated leather shorts I bought last summer, couldn't fit into and never wore. Tags still attached. I wondered if my ass could shimmy into them and make it work and by the beard of Zeus, they fit like a glove. I made my beautiful model friend Ashley try the shorts on too and they fit her. She's like a size 24 and some perfect model height so you can imagine my excitement when they fit her too. I'm going to let her borrow them for her trip to cali and start the sisterhood of the traveling leather shorts.
Like fate, the perfect off-the-shoulder top entered my life at the moment when I needed a perfect flowy top to fit with this tight pair of leather shorts--and I loved the balance. I wore this look for my friend's bridal shower and meet up with family for lunch. I traded out the heels for flats though--too hard to traipse around town in heels. I'm finally feeling my age. 
[begonia top c/o People's Project LA, shorts from Banana Republic, similar black mules, choker c/o 4th Street Boutique, bag by Givenchy, stardust ring set and  sahara midi-ring (worn on pinky because I liked it there better on my hand) c/o Autumn Lace Jewelry]
Photos by Ashley Howard

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

A Healthy Summer

Last winter and spring brought a ton of changes and stresses. A break up, a move, finishing a master's program that I wasn't entirely excited or passionate about and doggie sicknesses. I gained weight, let workouts slip away and ordered pizzas for most of meals. I was in a slump. Nothing was motivating me to change until my favorite fitness studio, FLEXcity Fitness started to promote a new nutrition program they were going to begin offering in May. I knew with their guidance and the accountability that came up with the program, I could stick with it, if for nothing else but embarrassment over writing down and sharing my shitty "meals" and laziness with the food/workout journal. 
I went from eating shitty snacks every hour and drinking virtually no water and only pop to eating the appropriate portions of protein, carbs and good fats and drinking a lot more workouts--and challenged to up my workouts to four days a week. I was sick and lethargic for probably the first four or five days. I felt absolutely terrible. But after I came out of that, I felt so much more energy. My skin cleared up a lot, I could push myself harder during workouts and I felt confident, not ashamed by my lazy sloth-like lifestyle.
I lost 9 pounds and shit ton of inches in that first month and it took two months more, but I finally reached 10 pounds lost and even more inches. My waist went from a 31 to a 26 in the last three months and my thighs and hips lost a considerable amount of inches too. I'm 5'4" and weigh 134 now. I was really tied up in the number, wanting to be in the 120's, the weight I've always been at up until this last year. But now I fit all my old clothes better and feel so much stronger, so I'm working on accepting that number.
I'm so thankful Jenny and Trista who own FLEX for offering the nutrition program and using their expertise to help us reach our fitness and nutrition goals. I would highly recommend this program if you live near one of their studios in Bloomfield Hills, Lansing or Grand Rapids (all in Mich. so far!)
[top c/o CHLDR, align pants and sports bra from Lululemon, watch c/o Obaku]

Monday, August 8, 2016

Golden Hour

Last week was the BEST WEEK EVER. I'm legally locked down to buy my first home (wee!), discovered I lost 10 pounds (and a shit ton of inches!) just from eating healthier and brought in a new client at work! All of this happened in one day too! I ended this amazing, adrenaline-rushed day with some friend time with Ashley and a little photoshoot with my new 85 mm lens and the prettiest sunlight. And a trip to Whole Foods for snacks and flowers..and we also took a drive by my soon-to-be neighborhood and house. 
I've been living in high waist denim shorts and bodysuits and threw this maxi-length flowy top by People's Project LA over to give it a more elevated look. It seemed so dramatic as I glided through Whole Foods with my fruit snacks.
[mystic vest dress c/o People's Project LA, bodysuit from UO (just $29, I own 3!), shorts from Gap, necklaces by Katie Dean Jewelry, watch c/o Obaku]
Photos by Ashley Howard

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Easy Like Sunday Morning

Last Sunday started off cool and wonderful. It's been a little too hot for my taste and finally, I was free to wear jeans and a light sweatshirt comfortably to brunch and some photo work at Retail Therapy. By the end of the shoot, I was sweating profusely and had to change into breathable workout clothes for the rest of my lazy day.
[sweater by CHRLDR, 721 High Rise Denim by Levi's (quite possibly the best jeans I own), rings by Katie Dean Jewelry, watch c/o Shinola, glasses c/o Firmoo, bag by Rebecca Minkoff (similar totes by RM)]