Tuesday, September 23, 2014

iHeart Music + wet n wild

I'm perfectly content being a nana, choosing my couch and an early bed time over a crazy night out, but when Meijer asked if I wanted to head out to Las Vegas for the iHeart Music Festival with wet n wild, I shed my former self and said yes. But of course, I was filled with immediate anxiety. I didn't know anyone going, no one could come with me and I came to the conclusion I'd have to navigate the travel and social gatherings on my own. Navigating these things aren't new to me, I'm used to traveling alone, feeling a bit awkward and lost, but no matter how often I do it, it still feels like the first time.
Luckily for me, the wet n wild team made me feel welcomed right from the start and a glass of champagne as I entered the glam suite for hair and makeup also helped! I met a handful of bloggers from LA who were so much fun and charismatic. Most of them seemed to also balance careers as media personalities, which makes sense since they were so wonderfully fun and funny.
It was just pure excitement to get dolled up along side other bloggers and experience a production like the iHeart Music Festival. I got the most amazing seat a couple rows back from the stage the first night. So close I could see the sweat on Chris Martin's face and just how amazingly large Nicki Minaj's booty is. Moments like this I know I'll treasure forever and be grateful to Meijer for selecting me to go with wet n wild. Even though I was able to see some amazing artists perform, spending time in their glam suite was my favorite. Not often do I get my hair and make up done on the daily (never do)!
A dude I don't know, Dawn of Beauty Frosting, Brian, VP of Marketing with Wet n Wild
Fishtail hair by Linda Zirkus
Make up by Shana Janelle

Monday, September 22, 2014

Sunset + Blush

Pizza night with the girls happened just an hour after a workout...so I left my hair in a bun post-workout and threw on some slouchy jeans and this loose fitting peplum tank. My closet is short on nicer tops and versatile tanks so when I found this blush colored beauty I scooped it up and wore it with a leather jacket. A nice balance of sweet and sassy for me. 
[top from Pitaya, jeans by BDG, heels by Nine West, eyeglasses c/o Firmoo, leather jacket from Zara, clutch by BCBG]
Photos by Liz Vartoogian

Friday, September 19, 2014

Fitness Friday: Make it Fun

If you discount my pathetic senior year of cross country, I participated in my first ever 5K last weekend, but at a walking pace..and with my dog. My dog James is in his absolute happy place when he's surrounded by other dogs and people and I couldn't deny him of that and the exercise that comes along with it. So we joined up with our friends Katherine and Steve. They brought their lab Charlie and then James and Charlie were instant pals (at least in James' warped mind.)
I was especially happy to participate to help the local humane society and get some extra exercise in. Forms of exercise disguised as a good time like this 5K are things I'd like to participate in more often. In the past, I've avoided nature at all costs and now I'd like to do more horseback/trail riding with my mom and maybe even try hiking. What types of exercise/fun are your favorite? I need more ideas!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Usually I'm crabby when the college students return to town, but for some reason this year I'm appreciating the liveliness. I find myself spending more time in East Lansing when I might normally avoid it altogether. Last Friday, Alison of Look Sharp Lansing and I met up in EL for lunch and we wandered on campus and off campus for photos. It was quiet and a bit chilly, but a wonderful time of the year to stroll around.
[top from Gap, Kapture shoe c/o Naturalizer, pants from J Crew, denim vest from H&M, bag by Rebecca Minkoff, sunglasses c/o TOMS]
Photos by Alison of Look Sharp Lansing

Monday, September 15, 2014

Dressed Down

I should probably wear things that elongate me, but man, I love a pair of boyfriend jeans and a pajama style dress worn as a shirt. I'm thinking about bringing this dress/shirt to Las Vegas with me this weekend, but wanted to test it out last week (mostly because I can't stand getting something new and not wearing it the moment I have it in my possession.) I'm heading to Vegas for the iHeart Music Festival and I'm having a hell of a time figuring out what to pack because it's going to be so hot, but I just want to wear cardigans and boyfriend jeans, which is just not appropriate for 98 degree weather..or for vegas for that matter.
[dress worn as top and pants by BDG, Seychelle boots c/o PB & J Boutique (last year),  clutch by Clare Vivier]
Photos by Kyle Keberlein

Friday, September 12, 2014

Fitness Friday: Monochromatic

Well, I've finally become obsessed with workout outfits. It's helped with my motivation over this past year, but now I find myself unwilling to buy things like new jeans, but all about buying new workout pants in a fun print.
Update on my fitness goals: I completed ONE pull up last weekend. Just one, but holy crap I've never been able to do even one more before! I definitely feel like my arms are looking more toned, but that belly fat is hard to lose! I've got more than half a month left in my FlexCITY fitness challenge and more self control to muster when it comes to pizza. Wish me luck!
[midriff cutout bratop c/o Espalier (discount for 20 percent off: BBAN8ISMP), leggings by Athleta, Nike running shoes, sweatshirt by Stylestalker]
Photos by mom