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Mini Dress Styling

I’m feeling so extra with such a pretty ruffle dress, over the knee boots, bold lips and the perfect pink beanie. Too bad it’s gotten hot again. BOO. I’m ready for consistent hat-wearing weather. I wore this over the weekend and be repeating the look later on this week at work! Read More »

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Ruffles + Florals


Florals & Fun

Can’t quite understand it, but I’m been attracted to more and more floral prints and color. I’m sure once winter hits I’ll be back to black, but for now I’ll be prancing around in florals and bohemian styles. Read More »

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Summer Tan


Summer Style

Summer is officially here and I’ve been staring at this off the shoulder top I bought two months ago and finally decided to take it out for a Saturday full of mundane errands with Cole. I love the look of it, but once I tried it on, I realized how impractical it actually is and I just haven’t felt like dealing with it, until Saturday. Something about being overdressed Home Depot and Target motivated me to wear it.

Favorite Sunless Tanner Products

In high school, I was that obsessive tanner–the one who looked leathery and also the tacky one with the playboy bunny outline on my hip (thanks to the body stickers, wtf was I thinking?) And then college rolled around and I realized how awful tanning is for your skin and I avoided sun at all costs. I have a much better balance now–I go to the beach, wear SPF and love a good spray tan. Read More »

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Pink + Ruffles


Feeling Feminine

Something about spring gets me in the mood for pink, florals, ruffles–anything more feminine. Since I’m technically pear shaped and have absolutely no shoulders, I love to wear anything with a ruffle sleeve to balance it out. I’ve styled this now with these wide legs pants I wear high waisted, a full midi skirt and even vintage levi’s. This look is my favorite though paired with blush mules. Super comfortable and I feel like a queen. Read More »

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Holiday Look

I wore this on Easter–a little too dressed up for my family’s get-togethers. I was THIS close to packing leggings and a sweatshirt to change into after an hour or so, mostly so that I had room to be bloated and comfortable..and I anticipated spilling food on the white top. These pants are a little big on me, so they worked well for Easter feast bloat. And worth noting, I kept this top stain-free. Read More »

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