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Print Mixing Kimono Style



After a hectic week and Saturday, I spent the first half of my day in bed watching last season’s Project Runway. Instead of waking up early and going through the motions of my normal routine, I was like nah I’ll skip this morning’s workout, sleep in, eat a donut in bed and watch TV. And it was delightful. James enjoyed it too. I brought his food up to bed with my leftover donut and we happily ate every morsel of our breakfast in bed. Read More Β»

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Chaos & the City



I forced Celeste from Retail Therapy to snap a few photos of me outside our hotel before we headed off to Chelsea for a buying trip to Designers and Agents. I looked tired and grumpy and I felt that way too. I should’ve passed on taking photos, but I liked my go-to look for the day and wanted to quickly document it. Read More Β»

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Stripes + Plaid

Barbecue food, ice cream..Sunday was all about good food and treats. I didn’t realize how humid it was before I dressed myself, but I liked the print mixing too much to nix a layer or change altogether. Plus, I have to mentally and physically prepare myself for hot hot weather for this week’s trip to Dallas. Kyle and I are riding down with his mom who’s moving back to Dallas. I’ve decided that I’ll be leaving my camera equipment behind on this trip so I don’t stress myself about capturing perfect moments when I should just enjoy my time there. I get too high strung on that sort of thing and I’ll save my camera for visiting Seattle and Vancouver later this month. I’ll share fun stuff on Instagram and Snapchat (username: kerbuski) though!
[striped top from Gap (similar striped tops), plaid shirt c/o Aeropostale, shorts by Levi’s, boots c/o Lulu*s, rings by Katie Dean Jewelry]
Photos by Ashley of Lavender Lists
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