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Puppy Pool Party

I spent Sunday lounging (and yelling at dogs) poolside with my friends sipping on sparkling wine splits. We had five dogs total running through the yard, jumping or falling into the pool and rubbing their noses in poop, but it was still a fabulous day.
James didn’t particularly enjoy swimming, but could float on with my friend Andrea for days
Ashley and Griswold!
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By the Pool

This is the first time in a long time I feel pretty comfortable in a bathing suit. Paying attention to my eating habits and fitness has given me a little more confidence to wear any swimsuit and ::que dramatic music:: be photographed in one. Oddly enough, I’ve reverted back to my high school days and have been favoring styles of anything pink and ruffly. I still love my basic black suits, but I’ll be wearing this one and other hot pink bikinis I’ve picked up for the summer in celebration of reaching fitness goals..and spending my weekends poolside with a hot dog in one hand and a vodka blueberry lemonade in the other.
[Milonga Honoulu bikini c/o Orchid Boutique, aviators by Rayban]
Photos by Andrea Ragan
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