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Romper Style



I remember the days of longing for summer trips and nonstop travel. Now, I’m like..fuck that. I didn’t have much planned for the long holiday weekend but a day trip to the Muskegon area to take Cole on a trip back home, but those plans were thwarted by a migraine, which meant we stayed in Lansing. It worked out well since I’ve had back to back work travel and what I really needed was a weekend of no plans. Read More »

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Spring Silk


Short Shorts

I’ve tried this style of shorts on before. They do indeed give me flat pancake ass, but I’ll embrace it since I appreciate how they don’t squeeze my thighs. I styled the shorts with this flowy silk top and I really just need more things like this in my closet! Read More »

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Doily Style


Spring Tones

Ah, it’s a new season for style and time for me to inject some lighter neutral tones into my wardrobe like creams and browns, a little softer for spring. Read More »

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Fringe + Mom Jeans


Rock n Roll Sunday

I wore this last Sunday after I finally lazily changed out of my workout gear and headed out to take a few photos at Retail Therapy, enjoy a solo frozen yogurt date and do some shopping! Read More »

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