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Playing Catch Up

I was so excited to get home by 6:30 last night with daylight to spare, an apartment to clean and dog cuddles to catch up on while I edited head shots I took after work. I parked my ass on the floor and cranked those out in no time and then grabbed Mexican food for dinner with Kyle. It’s been a hectic couple of weeks orienting to the new job, Kyle’s new job and just balancing life in general. 
I’ve been feeling quite a bit of guilt for James who’s used to me working from home and pretty much always having someone at home with him. So now he goes to doggie daycare once a week and I found a pet sitter who will visit him and take him for walks while I’m at work. And once I get a baby gate to quarantine his little butt to my area, I will be able to take him with me from time to time.
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James & a few patio updates

I live in a quiet neighborhood and my apartment complex is low key with lots of trees and outdoor space that I haven’t quite taken advantage of in the last two summers here. It’s looked like this the last year or so.
This summer, I vowed to spruce it up which included sanding and repainting the rusted out patio table, replacing the tired old plastic chairs with new wooden ones and research on what plants can take direct sun all day. It’s a work in progress, but I’ve found some good deals along the way ($20 outdoor rug from World Market and solar lights on sale at Target.) I’m still looking for more plants and Kyle is starting to grow tomatoes, cucumbers and jalapenos up here. But most importantly, James loves it. We keep the door open so he can wander in and out. I’ll do another, better post of just the patio since I keep finding more things to finish it!
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HBD James!

My sweet puppy turns 1 years old tomorrow! I bought him a new toy that he loves and a sweater..which he feels pretty neutral about. I brought him home last April and he was the tiniest little thing (here’s what he looked like!) He’s pooped and peed on my couch, puked over pretty much every I own and will wet the bed if you forget to let him out before bed time, but we love him and his small bladder. 
He’s such a patient pup and will wait patiently just for about anything including dress up time (sticking bows on his head) and loves all dogs and people. He’s a sweetheart.

James, the Indoor Dog

This pup just loves this stool. It’s his second favorite spot, after my lap of course. It’s already snowy and freezing out so we’ve been enjoying many cozy days and evenings indoors together watching HGTV.
I replaced my white shaggy rug with a more practical version. With a dog and a dude, I needed something a little easier to clean stains and vacuum at least twice a week. I’m on the hunt for a reclaimed wood version instead of this $20 IKEA crap table which was missing some parts so I couldn’t even have the lower shelf piece.