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Quick Bun Updo For Curly Girls!

I partnered with Meijer this holiday season to share a couple tips on styling curly/wavy hair for the holidays and my most favorite and easiest style is the top bun. I think this can look quite elevated with curly hair, and bonus: take little effort and time which is what I’m all about.
I started with clean hair. I know a lot of people say dirty hair is easier to style, but my hair gets more like dreadlocks the dirtier it is so I prefer to do more with one day or two day old hair, which I consider to be pretty clean. All you need is a hair tie and two bobby pins! I also added a little extra John Frieda Oil Elixir to smooth the frizzies around my face too. So with these few items, you can get started!
Step 1: High pony. Pull all your hair up into a ponytail, paying little attention to making it perfectly smooth, if there’s a weird bump, I just address it later with a bobby pin. I prefer the imperfect with styling my hair, I want it to look effortless, not homeless or too stuffy. It’s about getting the right balance.
Step 2: Wrap your hair like a donut around the base of your ponytail. To secure your hair, use a bobby pin or tuck the end of your hair into your elastic band. If you like a tighter bun, tucking it into your elastic band tends to keep it in a tighter ball and it’s what I do for workouts, but for something more special, I make it a little looser and fluffier by using just 2-3 bobby pins securing it.
If there are any pieces sticking up in the bun, I just tuck them back in the elastic band. I also tend to pull pieces of hair down around my ears, a little messier the better for me!
This post was sponsored by Meijer
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