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Yes to Ponchos


Fall Festivities

My mom and I planned a mini road trip just outside of town during her visit to hit up Tom’s Western Store, cider mills, a farmer’s market and..Home Depot. The weather and activities called for something comfortable and I’ve been patiently waiting for the weather to cool off to wear this and not sweat my ass off. Read More »

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Layering for Fall with Meijer


All About Layers

As part of the Meijer blogger shoot projects a couple months back, I was challenged with styling a layered look for fall. Layering is a no brainer for me since I love basics and adding extra layers gives a look that little something extra it needs. Read More »

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Testing Out the Brazilian Blowout


Curly Hair Woes

It took me a long time to accept my curly mop..and naturally right when I start to come around to it, it evolves from over-the-top big and springy curls to looser, less dense curl, with the same amount of frizzies. My friend and hair stylist who owns the Standard has been singing the Brazilian Blowout praises as she’s managed her own curly hair with the hair treatment. And I was finally ready to try it. Read More »

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Styling Suede for Fall


Suede & Fringe

I love a good jacket. I hoard them and most of my closets in my new house are overflowing with coats and jackets. And I’ve now reignited my love for suede starting with the purchase of this fringe moto jacket. I love this statement jacket because of the fringe and color–a perfect combination to layer over an all-black outfit, a typical fuss-free look I go for when strapped for time and creativity. Read More »

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