Summer Skin & Hair

It’s hot, the sun is beating on me a lot more than I’d like and I’ve been testing new products to beat the heat and humidity, and the shit storm it brings to my skin, hair and body. Naturally, I do wear SPF (but unfortunately, I have forgotten the last couple times I was unexpectedly left in the sun.)
I’ve been making the biggest effort of my life to just be HEALTHY. Eat the right things, at the right times and drinking a lot more water. This has made caffeine free tea a new necessity in my life that’s kept me more hydrated. I can easily drink hot tea in the mornings or evenings and iced unsweetened tea during the day on a patio. I love vanilla teas and the ones that help you poop with a peppermint flavor (I love peppermint..and pooping.)
I bought a few items from the Oxalis line last week in Chicago at the Renegade Summer Pop Up while I was helping Katie Dean Jewelry with sales. I was sweating profusely and needed relief, so I bought the jasmine and coconut mineral water to spritz on me (and Katie) throughout the hot, sunny day. I’ve been spritzing this on in the morning and night before moisturizing my face. It smells heavenly! 
I also bought the body oil because I’m a sucker for an aromatic lotion or oil. I actually ran out of body oil and this earthy scent lured me in. I slathered myself in this after my sun burns and tans from the Renegade fair, and every day on my legs since. They’re oiled up looking, perfect for strolling out in shorts.
My skin is still a work in progress–correcting discolorations and acne scarring and reducing acne break outs..It’s gotten so much better that I can start being more proactive about hydrating and smoothing out fine lines with Dr. Brandt’s Oxygen Facial Flash Recovery Mask. I don’t have much patience and the three minute mask length is perfect for me and my short attention span.


I’ve said it a million times, I’ll say it again, there’s no greater deodorant than Dove’s advanced care anti-perspirant. Even though my face is oily, but pits are dry (and always look like I’m rocking a five o’clock shadow) and the extra moisturizer is absolutely necessary in the summer. Dove sent me the two new scents and the chamomile scent is the one I’d choose for a morning barre or yoga class and the restore is something I’d swipe on for a day of power meetings. 

I’ve recently gotten a freshly balayaged hair color going on right now and my hair is prone to brassy, even though it was originally toned perfectly–a bit ashy. Unfortunately, it started reverting back to brass with all my time in the sun and I’ve used the Perfect Blonde purple toning line by Pravana during my last two washes and it’s color corrected my hair and it’s back to a more ashy look like I prefer. To make the product last a bit, I’ll mix the shampoo with regular shampoo so I can also get a great lather.

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