The Winter Staple for City or Country Living

I remember last year on Christmas my family gifted each other muck boots, overalls and other apparel ideal for horseback riding, barn visits and general outdoor activities. I rolled my eyes a bit and laughed since I couldn’t be more different from them. Fast forward a year, I’m now on the hunt for more stylish, but functional apparel to wear out to the barn and back home in my city.

I’m not full on camouflage overalls yet, but I think I found my winter coat for all my activities from barn to brunch in this Banana Republic parka. Read More »

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A Statement Coat + Bougie Beret

Winter Florals

I longed for this coat last winter at Retail Therapy and finally scooped it up this summer on major clearance. I had to remind myself how happy I would be when winter hit and I had this in my closet. The cocoon shape makes it easy to toss on my oversized tops and wide sleeve sweaters, which is basically all I seem to wear lately. Read More »

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How I Maintain My Chemically Straightened Hair

To eliminate frizz and help manage my hair, I started incorporating hair straightening treatments into my hair care routine. Ever since I started the keratin treatments, I look for products with keratin to help extend the treatment and act as a buffer between appointments. My coarse hair can look a little lackluster, especially during the dry, winter months. Read More »


My Guilt Free Mental Health Days

Burning the Candle at Both Ends

Through high school, college and the beginning of my career, I regularly overextended myself. I didn’t know how to handle my stress and anxiety or how to communicate what I was going through. I felt like taking on too much with no rest was a necessary evil in high school to get into college, a prerequisite to get a good job after college and then a mandatory part of my career in public relations.

But with time and self-awareness, I’ve been able to learn how to say no and take the time I need as an introvert to energize myself and find balance. And truly the best way I can fully restore my sanity is through taking time off to do nothing at all. A mental health day. Read More »

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