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The Freelancer Style: What I Wear on Photo Jobs

Dressing for Freelance Projects

I love taking on side hustles like family photography sessions, social media consulting for boutiques and blogging here at Blonde Bedhead–I get to fill in gaps where I feel a little unfulfilled creatively. And I usually wear something along these lines for that work since it’s tried and true. I love all black, leather, grey crewneck sweatshirts and I always gotta be sipping on something. Read More »

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Warm Winter Day Style

Cardigan as a Jacket

I was able to get away with this oversized boucle jacket during last week’s heat wave of 38 degree weather (and sun!) I tossed this cardigan over a vintage band tee I bought last summer and felt all kinds of cozy. I forgot a beanie, but shopped in Muskegon and found the perfect slouchy version at Sparrow to toss on later in the day. It actually all started with glittery star shoes–I wanted to wear them on the one day I could get away with a little ankle exposed. Read More »

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What I Wear When the Air Hurts My Face

Oh So Cold

I’ve basically spent the last week in hibernation. All I want to do is go to sleep by 8 p.m., wake up around 8 a.m. (preferably later) and lay in bed until noon eating waffles and rewatching Game of Thrones for the third time. When I do step outside, I’ve been wearing one of my many leopard print coats that I have in rotation. My mom scooped this up through an online auction of vintage coats and it’s still one of my favorites six or seven years later. Read More »

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