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Cold Weather Lounging: Shopping Guide


I’ve decided to fully embrace the cold this year (rest of 2016..I’ll change my mind winter 2017..) and stock up on the items that bring me warmth and happiness like a fresh pair of slippers or delicious dark chocolate. I have a fireplace at my home now so I envision many nights lounging by the fire in cozy joggers or pajamas! Read More »

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Closet Before & After


I Own a Home!

I pulled the trigger and became a homeowner last month! I was struck with waves of excitement followed by fear reminding myself I’m responsible for this structure and all the work I want to see materialize. Luckily, I’m type A and never without a plan. And I’ll have a series of blog posts documenting my journey to make to make this home exactly what I envisioned. But first, closet (naturally)!

I upgraded to a three-bedroom home which means my grandparents don’t have to share a guest bedroom with all my shoes. I dedicated the second largest room to become my closet after some planning and physical work, which truly is my least favorite thing in the world. But it doesn’t seem as bad if it’s for your own home, I promise you. Read More »

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Feeling the School Spirit, Tailgate Style


Go Green

I can’t say I was the biggest fan of organized sports growing up, but when you go to a school like Michigan State University, that school spirit catches you and sucks you in. Maybe it was because it was an excuse for an early drunk tailgate party back in my college days or now, a reason to dress up my dog and overeat hot dogs. Either way, it’s a fun time. Read More »

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Lazy Weekends


I’m the type of person who rewards myself with food when I’ve accomplished something..or if I’m sad or upset, I want a donut to lift my spirits.

And with a handful of changes happening, pushing me outside of my typical routine, my stress levels elevate and I find myself craving all the sugar. I’ve been giving in with a tiny slice of pie while having conversations with James while he sits opposite of me at the dining table. I think this sums up my life right now.


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Orchards in October


Last Weekend

Since I’m a clueless homeowner, my grandparents have road-tripped to Lansing the last couple weekends to help me unpack, assemble closet room furniture and handle electrical/other hard shit..and after a couple hours I suggested we pack into my car and take a quick trip to two neighboring cider mills to take a break from the manual labor. Read More »

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