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A Visit to Owosso

I challenged myself last year to visit more towns around Lansing and around Michigan–I haven’t followed through on that so well, but when I’m questioning whether or not I should drive 40 minutes to really just grab coffee, I remind myself it’s a new experience and that I can plan more fun activities around the visit. I used to visit Owosso more regularly in my early 20’s when my then-boss lady performed in plays at their community theater. I went to the same place for dinner and didn’t explore more beyond that.
Once Foster Coffee opened (and I saw all the cool shit my friend Melissa who blogs at The Bee’s Knees was doing in her town), I headed out there and every single person at the shop was so incredibly nice and genuine. And they’ve recommended a handful of restaurants and other cool places to check out. So I finally checked out Birch & Elm boutique and Lula’s for cajun and creole food. That place did not disappoint. I ordered the chicken puffy pie and the puff pastry, chicken and filling was so. damn. good. It was a wonderful afternoon in Owosso!
[jeans by Levi’s, striped crop top by Madewell, hat by Lululemon, similar brown leather backpacks]
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My Summer Wear & Travel Buys

I’ve started my shopping list for this summer’s road trips and overnight stays including light packable dresses, a weekender bag that doubles for travel and beach-going and a handful of beauty staples perfect for hot, humid days for a no-make up make up look.
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In My Gym Bag

I never thought I’d need an actual gym bag, but I realized I shoving gym clothes into my totes for work or just carrying shit under my arm. I realized, there is a purpose for a gym bag and I opted for a black Lululemon bag with several compartments including a bag to toss in dirty laundry post-workout. It’s just easier when I’m running to a work out class during my lunch on a weekday when I’m at work. I also picked up a couple large make up bags like this heart one to house my mini body wash, face wash cloths (my favorite is by Simple), travel-size perfume and face lotion along with my deodorant and to store my make up essentials. Nothing crazy. I always keep a towel in my bag since I profusely sweat no matter what and stash a couple extra pairs of underwear since on many occasions I’ve forgotten to pack them. I also pack a travel size Febreze to spray in my bag and my shoes to help control the STANK.
My favorite shoes and my favorite deodorant: I always keep at least one deodorant of Dove (dry spray and stick!) I love using these shoes for a workout since they transition so well to my outfits and can keep them on in the afternoon post-workout.
My make up bag for after a work out is pretty simple: face lotion by Glossier, face primer and CC cream by Loreal (c/o Meijer!) and concealer. I don’t need mascara right now with my eyelash extensions or blush since I’m bright red for hours after a work out, but I still want light coverage and even out my tone for the rest of the day!

Holiday Margarita!

I was challenged with creating a holiday drink with Hornitos Tequila. Not much of a challenge because this shit is good, especially paired with cranberry/cherry. To make this delicious margarita you need:
  • Hornitos Tequila (1.5 oz or more)
  • Orange flavored liqueur (1 oz)
  • Cranberry/cherry juice (4 oz)
  • Fresh lime juice, one quarter squeezed
Enjoy! I know I did this past couple weekends. With the snowfall and cozy couch situation, I indulged in a few of these tasty cocktails. I later found out I cut these limes wrong from Kyle, but none of my drinks usually look the part, they just taste good. What’s your favorite holiday cocktail?
Thanks for supporting collaborations such as this with Hornitos!