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Florida & Bahamas Photo Diary

dsc_5430A much needed vacation and when it was over, it was a much anticipated return! I’m a routine bitch and don’t do well without my normal schedule, and lack of access to the internet. It was good to be disconnected for a couple days and truly enjoy the excursions in the Bahamas with my mom..but for real, happy to be back in the mitten!Processed with VSCO with s2 preset Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

These hammocks. So beautiful and serene, but I couldn’t sit still in them. I jumped in and out of them like a toddler before making my way to the beach to watch birds fight over crackers in the sand while simultaneously complaining about the heat.Processed with VSCO with s2 preset Processed with VSCO with t1 preset The best decision my cheap ass could make: a luxury sailing day. My mom and I hung out with four other couples on board and laid out in the sun, enjoyed mimosas and even snorkeled.

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Summer to Fall Beauty Transitions with Meijer


Fall State of Mind

After this summer’s scorching heat and humidity, I’ve never welcomed the fall season so much in my life. As I’m ushering in the dark berry lip shades and layers of plaid, I realize we’re still between seasons and a little more of a transition is necessary for beauty and skincare. Read More »

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A Healthy Summer

Last winter and spring brought a ton of changes and stresses. A break up, a move, finishing a master’s program that I wasn’t entirely excited or passionate about and doggie sicknesses. I gained weight, let workouts slip away and ordered pizzas for most of meals. I was in a slump. Nothing was motivating me to change until my favorite fitness studio, FLEXcity Fitness started to promote a new nutrition program they were going to begin offering in May. I knew with their guidance and the accountability that came up with the program, I could stick with it, if for nothing else but embarrassment over writing down and sharing my shitty “meals” and laziness with the food/workout journal. 
I went from eating shitty snacks every hour and drinking virtually no water and only pop to eating the appropriate portions of protein, carbs and good fats and drinking a lot more workouts–and challenged to up my workouts to four days a week. I was sick and lethargic for probably the first four or five days. I felt absolutely terrible. But after I came out of that, I felt so much more energy. My skin cleared up a lot, I could push myself harder during workouts and I felt confident, not ashamed by my lazy sloth-like lifestyle.
I lost 9 pounds and shit ton of inches in that first month and it took two months more, but I finally reached 10 pounds lost and even more inches. My waist went from a 31 to a 26 in the last three months and my thighs and hips lost a considerable amount of inches too. I’m 5’4″ and weigh 134 now. I was really tied up in the number, wanting to be in the 120’s, the weight I’ve always been at up until this last year. But now I fit all my old clothes better and feel so much stronger, so I’m working on accepting that number.
I’m so thankful Jenny and Trista who own FLEX for offering the nutrition program and using their expertise to help us reach our fitness and nutrition goals. I would highly recommend this program if you live near one of their studios in Bloomfield Hills, Lansing or Grand Rapids (all in Mich. so far!)
[top c/o CHLDR, align pants and sports bra from Lululemon, watch c/o Obaku]
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Lake Michigan

After a work trip to Traverse City, I made my way down Lake Michigan to visit the fam. We had grand plans to visit the beach two days in a row, but rain, yet again thwarted these plans. Luckily, a few of us were able to make our way to Grand Haven for some frozen yogurt and a quick beach visit before the thunder and lightning rolled in Saturday night.
[bodysuit c/o Boohoo, shorts by Levi’s, Billabong kimono c/o Lulus (last year), bag by Louis Vuitton, necklace by Clyde’s Rebirth, watch c/o Obaku, eyelash extensions by Michelle at the Standard]
My sweet pea baby cousin finally warmed up to me! She let me hold her and pinch her cheeks (after bribing her with a reese’s cup. Shit works wonders.) I snapped so many photos of her playing in the water in her little dress. So precious!
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