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Street Style + Friendship

Adult friendships are hard. Life happens and it’s easy to grow a part from the people who seem to fit your life perfectly at a certain time. Friendships built out of convenience and proximity fade away when it’s no longer convenient and you’re not geographically close. It’s easy to drift apart from people. But not Merl.
I met Merl probably two years into blogging around 5 years ago and I was quite intimidated to meet her. She was this creative visionary who said fuck it to the traditional 9-5 world and launched her own jewelry line, Clyde’s Rebirth. She’s never been afraid to speak her mind and you know exactly where you stand with her. She’s also overflowing with creativity, integrity and kindness. And actually, quite a bit of patience. I’m constantly inspired by her fresh ideas, bold entrepreneurial decisions and her ability to connect with others and lift others up, not tear them down for success. I admire these qualities in her and proud to have her as a friend. If you’re not familiar with her work, you’ve gotta check out her jewelry or visit the SHUDIO, her shop/studio space in the Pilsen neighborhood in Chicago.

Brand New Beauty with Meijer

I partnered once again with my favorite store, Meijer, to share my thoughts on a few beauty and hair products. They sent me a ton of amazing new products to try and I’m sharing just a few today! First, the lipstick above is amazing. Maybelline Color Sensational in Totally Toffee just glides right on and this is a little deeper of nude tone than I have from their line. I use this with a nude lip liner or I’ve discovered it’s a great way to freshen up a burgundy lip later in the day without having to be so precise.
Jergen’s natural glow lotion is already a go-to of mine for adding some color. You wouldn’t guess by how pale I get in the winter, but I do tan easily thanks to my Hawaiian/Filipino roots! I’ve been on the spray tan train and this color primer product is a great exfoliator to prep for spray tans. Obviously, I have not gotten one in a while, but worked perfectly before applying the lotion. I hate streaks and I seem to always get them. With the buildable moisturizer, I don’t notice streaks.
This Aveeno Absolutely Ageless night moisturizer is a great product for someone like me (now 30) and needing to take preventative care, but also not overdue it with anything too thick to cause breakouts. It’s a delicate balance for my skin and so far, so good. I usually use an oil serum at night, but this one feels hydrating without clogging my skin.
I was hesitant to try this reverse beauty full volume line by Tresemme because my natural inclination is to shout I NEED NO MORE VOLUME. But to be honest, my hair has been thinning and isn’t thick and lustrous as it once was. Maybe it’s age, maybe because I bleached the shit out of it for a long time, but the not as dense hair paired winter weather makes my hair so flat and weird. I don’t like how my hair feels after a shampoo. I prefer conditioner to be second so I’m left with soft, easier to manage locks when I’m out of the shower since I finger comb my hair and let it air dry. I didn’t notice any crazy volume, but it dried nicely without being stuck to my head and weighed down.
My favorite and most memorable of the line is this product. Although James could take it or leave it, the full volume hair maximizer made my hair feel soft and no crunchy, stickiness that I tend to run into when I go outside my comfort zone with new products.

Thank you again for supporting collaborations such as this with Meijer!
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Big Shopbop Sale!

Hooray! The Shopbop sale has begun! It’s a great time to splurge on that spring piece you’ve been eyeing or if you’re like me, to stock up on essentials like denim (pair by Blank Denim below is just $88!), leather flats or a spring-y handbag. Or maybe a few fun office supplies to brighten your desk! Use code BIGEVENT16 to save 15% on orders $250+, 20% on orders $500+ or 25% off orders $1,000+! For more details and exclusions, visit this page.

Morgan Swank and her illustrations

The talented Morgan Swank surprised me with a few watercolor illustrations inspired by a few images on the blog that she shared on her Instagram and her own blog. So. Talented. I, once upon a time, was known as an artist, sweeping up awards in elementary school for my own watercolor and oil pastel art, but that interest and skill never matured beyond middle school. So obviously, I love her stuff and feel a bit inspired by her because of her skill and her willingness to go after it as more than a hobby. Check her blog out for progress shots–my favorite posts she shares.

Styled by Silpada

This post is sponsored by Silpada.
I’ve been searching for ways to escape the winter blues, and
there’s nothing quite as energizing as having your close friends together to
sip and shop. I love any reason to entertain and play with new jewels, so I
partnered with Silpada as a Stylemaker to share how I hosted a Styled By Silpada party.
I love brunch, and, naturally, my friends share my affinity
for day drinking and breakfast foods. This lead to a super sweet (literally)
brunch complete with pink frosted donuts, chocolates, sugar-coated candies and
raspberry lemonade cocktails. Aesthetically, I love anything light and bright,
so I coordinated the food and drink options to be in pink tones. Natural light
was an important element to the party and I opened up all the curtains to bring
in as much light as possible.
I styled the jewelry on display in my living room on an
accent table and coffee table with touches of marble to contrast the jewelry.
Besides the marble tiles, tray and table, I incorporated ceramic vases and
antlers to display the pieces. We gathered in the living room and tried on the
pieces together. I wanted something casual and laid back so my friends could
relax, skim the Silpada catalog and test out the jewelry. I love any excuse to
have friends over, and it’s quite easy with the ShopBox that was mailed to me
(plus some party ideas to make it fun for guests). So much fun! And I like the
idea of hosting rather than asking others to host—the Stylemaker role is about
hosting your own parties and using the pieces sent directly to you to sell. And
anything you can’t sell can easily be mailed back. And commission is around 25
to 30 percent per piece.
DSC_3232 (2)
My favorites pieces were the black-and-gold ring and the
jade goddess necklace. I love adding a statement necklace like this piece since
I’m usually wearing tees or simple blouses. My friends loved the watch and
crossbody bag!
To shop the collection or become a Stylemaker, visit Silpada or shop
the pieces in my ShopBox labeled below:
Make a statement!