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the sun, it rises slowly as you walk

So today I saw and pet the cutest pit bull puppy. Her name was Zoe and she hopped all over me when a fellow resident at my apartment exited the elevator with her pup, who was apparently excited to see me! I want to bite her, she was so cute–a habit I must have picked from my grandmother. She used to always bite the grandchildren’s cheeks because she found us so adorable. She continued to do this for years even though she’d bite me and I’d cry. Now I always want to bite cute things as well. Strange, I know.

My Grandma Long was amazing. She was a thief. You couldn’t bring her into a Sears department store without her walking out with items stuffed under her arm or in a bag that magically appeared from thin air. Once she suffered a stroke she couldn’t work anymore and she found so much joy in giving during Christmas, that she couldn’t stop giving even when she couldn’t afford to. Every year from then on we’d open gifts knowing damn well Grandma stole them. She was quite the character.

This is my clearance Urban Outfitters outfit. I got the sweater for like $5, the shorts half off last summer because the zipper is broken and the boots for $20.
[sweater by silence+noise, jean shorts by bdg, boots by deena & ozzy, socks from target, bag by marc jacobs, leather jacket by gap]
hehehe Tiek eating a taco during the Academy Awards viewing party sponsored by Dove. Tieka hosted this at her cute apartment and so six girls got together, pigged out on tacos and cookies and made fun of the reporters on the red carpet. Check Tieka’s blog, Selective Potential for more details on the party and photos of the girls that I took!

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downtown portland, mich.

I traveled to the west side of the state yesterday to attend Tieka’s red carpet viewing party and I picked up Haley from her hometown of Portland, Mich. on the way. The downtown area has a couple cute bridges and shops so I made a quick stop to photograph Haley before heading to Grand Haven. Haley is such a doll and I love photographing her and I think I may steal that jacket from her. She bought the jacket while up north in the Upper Peninsula where I had once assumed nothing fashionable existed. She got the jacket 50 percent off. What. A. Steal.
[jacket by bb dakota, tee by h&m, faux leather leggings by american apparel, ankle boots by ninewest]
Tieka’s party was so much fun. I’ll be posting some photos from that tomorrow!
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Despite being sick with symptoms similar (but worse) to allergies ie water eyes, sore throat, runny nose, feeling like death..I worked/attended Lansing Ignite 3.0. It was amazing. Imagine hundreds of people socializing in a space that used to be a huge department store filled with a stage for the presentation competition, lights, flame throwers, dancers and other cool stuff. It was a riot! This place in Lansing is called the Knapps Building, a store that closed in the 1970s and although it’s been occupied with cubicles since then, the place has been completely vacant since the early 2000s. Since the Ignite web site sums up the event pretty well, click here to learn what exactly the event is.

I wore this dress to Ignite. I had been looking at this dress for awhile and finally it was on sale! I dig stripes and the silhouette of the dress.
[dress by mink pink, tights from target, platform booties by steve madden]

I took these photos today since I felt like poop yesterday and probably wouldn’t have had time to take them anyways. I went down by the capitol building to get some different shots and I kept thinking I’d run into someone seeing me wear the same thing since pretty much everyone from the city was at this event yesterday. I’m certain someone drove by who knew me wondering, “why the hell is she wearing what she wore last night to Ignite?” Ha!
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Red Carpet Goes Spartan Green

I do some freelance writing and was assigned to a cool story about a group of Michigan State University apparel and textile design students who participated in an international competition, Red Carpet, Green Dress to design a gown for Suzy Amis Cameron, wife of movie producer and director James Cameron to wear to the Academy Awards. Upon interviewing Jillian, I discovered she had actually won the competition. I know there are so many talented designers and design students from prestigious apparel and textile design schools who participated and amongst them all, a fellow Spartan won–makes me proud!
capgains article

To read the entire article, click here.

margot dress me like a clown

Got to see my friend’s band, A Children’s Crusade open for Margot and the Nuclear So and So’s, a band that I love love love. Haley and I squeezed our way to the front and I was able to get some nice shots of Margot. Almost everyone in that band is dirty, bearded and hot. I don’t understand why I find disheveled, bearded, homeless-looking men attractive. One of life’s mysteries.

I wore this to see Fun. last week and forgot to take any photos of me in the outfit–so here they are!

[shirt by trouve, vest by silence+noise, leather jacket by for joseph, boots by miss me, hat by bdg, sunglasses by marc by marc jacobs and leggings by stem]
How I love these leggings in a faded grey. So comfy.

Some photos from the Margot show:

More photos here!
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