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Dan Hogan, a self-proclaimed lovable geek, writer, radio show co host and friend of mine inquired about shopping when I was on his radio talk show a month or so ago. I of course can’t say no to a shopping trip, even if it’s not for myself, so we went to a few of his favorites, Kohls and Urban Outfitters. I enjoy the challenge of working with different personalities, budgets and styles of my friends. What’s fun about taking guys shopping is that you can hand them anything and they’ll at least try it on. I find that a little more difficult with my girlfriends!
[striped tee by bdg, button up from kohls, jeans by levis]
When I asked him how he would describe his style, he said, “I would describe my ‘style,’ if I have such a thing, as geek-chic and affordable. I like shopping around for deals.  I do enjoy dressing up in suits, but my preference will always be a tshirt, jeans and a pair of Chucks.”
Even though I helped him pick most of these items out, he styled this outfit himself. I liked how he mixed patterns with his shirt, added the hat and a pop of color with the shoes. He was so much fun to photograph! I think I’m going to feature more of my guy friends in the future. Good work Dan!


Wardrobe remix! I’ve styled this skirt for fall and winter and here we are again with spring/summer! This silhoutte paired with the wooden shoes makes me feel doll-like. I received compliments from the older folk throughout the day including some unsolicited ones from drunk creepers outside the Unicorn Bar at the wee hour of 5 p.m. as I was leaving the photography studio next door. I feel confident in saying that this is a local favorite! 
Click here and here to see how I previously styled this skirt!
[skirt and belt by ecote, top by f21, wooden platforms by lucky, handbag by marc jacobs]
I wore this outfit all over today. From work to an interview/photoshoot for a local women’s mag to a Lansing Derby Vixens meeting to a couple drinks with a friend downtown, it’s definitely one of my favorite outfits to wear from work to nightlife.
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Happy Memorial Day!

For part of the weekend my friend Kimmi visited. She’s from my hometown area and I hardly get to see her anymore! We spent Saturday shopping to update her closet and I enthusiastically stepped up to the role as her pretend personal stylist. We had a blast reminiscing. I knew of her when I was still in high school and we had plenty of mutual friends, but it wasn’t until I dated a douchebag in the beginning of college that solidified our friendship. Weirdly, I dated a couple members of the band her boyfriend (now husband) was in and we had so much fun going to shows together for years. I <3 you kimtim!

For the second half of the weekend I just stayed in town–bored out of my mind. I had to make it to roller derby practice so I couldn’t commit to any weekend long plans. Thankfully I had SOMETHING to do today! This city has fun social stuff going on almost weekday even with today being a holiday. I met up with a few friends and met new amazing people on the patio in East Lansing, across from MSU’s campus for Lansing Happy Hour Club. Yay people! And I saw Robin Hood! Loved it!
[tee by american apparel, vest by f21, denim cutoffs by levi, boots by deena & ozzy]

I wore this last week. It might’ve been too hot to wear the vest, but a leather vest is just what a plain tee and shorts need to give it some edge. These two leather wristbands are now staple accessories! They are my best purchase from the art festival last week.
Why I choose to publish these outtakes..I’ll never know
Photos by Becky Johns
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