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windy city wandering

A month ago when Tieka asked if I was interested in meeting up with fellow bloggers in Chicago, I exclaimed “Yes!” This became an excuse to shop, catch up with Tieka and meet some amazing ladies. I spent the night at Tieka’s Friday night. Since her hubby was off recording their band’s next album, it was officially a sleepover and I got to sleep on Brett’s side of the bed! Haha! She has the cutest cats named Ultra Mega and Sergeant Death hehehe. Theyre fat, hairy and cute, but a tad creepy. They sit and stare at you constantly. Just this morning I was explaining to her how Ultra Mega was creepily staring at me while I sat on the couch and she nonchalantly responds, “oh they ALWAYS do that. Just look at Sarg” And I look over into the kitchen and off in the distance is this cat staring straight into my soul.

Anyways, We spent the day shopping and doing lots of walking. Tieka and I are both..well lazy so we frequented any opportunity to take a break and sit down. I bought these amazing cut offs from Levis that day and changed into them immediately. I was sweating so much ha.
[shorts by levis, tank dress (worn as a top) by t by alexander wang, jacket by zara, accessories from urban outfitters and f21, oxford flats by aldo, sunglasses by marc by marc jacobs]
Tieka! My little ray of sunshine
We met up with Between Laundry Days, Caffeinerd, Sartoriography, Clothes, inter alia, Makeunder My Life, Defying My Closet, and Fashion Therapist. I love when a group of strangers can get together and have so much to talk about. It was so interesting to learn about the other girls–what their interests are, about their careers and why and how they started their blog. We also enjoyed some delicious food and drinks from Quartino’s. Nom nom!
Tabitha of Fashion Therapist & Clare of Between Laundry Days
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black & blue

I have been quite unimpressed with Michigan’s weather this past week. From sunny almost summer like weather to what I swear I saw swirling around in the wind this morning–snow–GASP! I’m hopeful the weather in Chicago will be a bit better asTieka and I make are way to the Windy City to enjoy some quality friendship time, shopping and dinner with a group of fellow bloggers on Saturday. I haven’t met any of these girls yet in person so I’m excited to meet some new faces.

Some things new people should know when meeting me:
– I have a chin hair affectionately named Margaret. And a freakishly long arm hair which has just been named Sylvia. Don’t judge them.
-I prefer to eat without any sort of kitchen utensils. I eat like a savage. I apologize in advance if I embarrass anyone with my inevitably stained shirt.
-My hair is a weave.

(Got you! You’d be surprised how many times people think it is or on Halloween the amount of compliments I receive on my “wig” hehe)

I immediately fell in love with this cropped, bedazzled grey and black top. It’s a typical type of shirt I like and I thought the lace tank underneath added a little something extra. I busted out my blue wedges and I’ve realized how much I like wearing them with jeans which I was initially hesitant about doing.
[jeans by bdg, lace tank by silence+noise, top by silence+noise, wedges by jeffrey campbell]

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haley & cupcakes

Tonight I spent some time with a couple of my favorite brunettes, my friends Sarah and Haley. Sarah and I have a weekly routine of meeting up at a coffee shop in attempt to “get things done.” It usually involves us eavesdropping on other’s conversations and giggling, telling each other stories and giggling or a combination of both. Haley popped in later and I begged her to bring the outfit she wore during her birthday celebration this past Monday so I could photograph her.

Haley never looks the same. She has a variety of ways she styles her hair, a closet filled with adorable items and her addiction to shoes has rubbed off on me. I love the pattern and playfulness of this romper. The buttons and sweetheart neckline add such a cute touch and calls out, “HALEY STYLE!” While I photographed her she was constantly prancing around and twirling, just what one should do while wearing a cutesy romper.



[romper from charlotte russe, shoes by zigi soho and tights from express]




I still have so many photos from Philly I want to share. My last night there with Kim, we picked up some delicious cupcakes from Flying Monkey and we ate them after dinner. Since they all looked so good, we divided them into fours and everyone received a piece of each cupcake. I scarfed mine down in .2 seconds.




This one just looks like I’m attacking the camera with cupcake.


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it’s always sunny

Saturday in Philly was spent getting brunch at a delicious restaurant called Sabrina’s followed by walking, walking and more walking. Now, I’m a pretty unfortunately lazy person where I drive any time I need to get to point a to point b, even if it’s literally down the street. It was great exercise though and I got to experience the historical part of the city and see more cute boutiques, historical sites such as Benjamin Franklin’s grave and various historical monuments with Kim and Brian. I love history and Kim and Brian were my tour guides teaching me interesting things around town.
Sorry I wasn’t throwin’ out my a game for outfit pictures. At this point in the day, I had chocolate stains on my shirt and my feets hurt.
[tee by american apparel, grey pants by bdg, jacket by zara, bag by marc by marc jacobs, bracelets by f21 and H&M borrowed from Kim]
I spent the entire weekend in these shoes. Love ’em. Kim ordered the same ones!
Kim painted my nails for me. She’s such a gem. She did my make up for me too when we went out and taught me tricks. Kim, be proud, I improved my make up application routine starting with this morning for work!
Kim and Brian are such a great couple. I had so much fun hanging out with them and meeting their absolutely hilarious friends. I felt so at home in that city with those guys. I must go back soon.

We spent the evening at an Italian restaurant, La Viola Ovest where we could bring in our own wine. I never heard of such a thing! I even tried something new, gniocchi. I didn’t know how to pronounce anything on the menu let alone know what anything was. Unlike Kim and Brian, I’m not so cultured. I live on toast and hot dogs. I really liked trying new foods which is always tough for me to do and I discovered that I like more food than I thought I would. I need to not let names of dishes and vegetables deter me from trying new things!

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Shopping Day in Philly

Kim and I spent Friday shopping. We woke up early and her boyfriend Brian cooked us a delicious breakfast. They live so close to everything and it was a short walk to the shops. I’m trying to be good on this trip and not overspend, so I only purchased three, but fabulous items.

Kim let me borrow some items over the weekend to jazz up my outfits. I borrowed her watch, a ring, clutch and jacket. She has so many accessories! I was in accessory heaven choosing among an assortments of rings, necklaces, bracelets, scarves and a ton of other cool stuff she has. I shed the jacket once it started to heat up while walking in the sun and it was the perfect comfy outfit to wear while shopping. Kim also took my outfit shots, thank you! <3

[jacket by f21 borrowed from kim, watch from modcloth borrowed from kim, jeans by bdg, oxford flats by aldo, tie dye tanktop by american apparel and cluth by f21 borrowed from kim]

One of my delicious treats that I indulged in, chocolate mousse!
Kim and her cheese danish!

I have so many more photos and details to share, but I’ll wait until I return to Michigan and have more time! We’ve been on the go doing so many fun things this weekend! This is our short break before heading out to dinner! It’s crazy how this whole weekend came together just because I met her a couple months while in New York City. It doesn’t happen to me that often that I make friends with someone so quickly. I feel so comfortable in her home with her super cool boyfriend and as if I’ve been friends with them all my life!
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