Friday, February 14, 2014

This Week in Details

So I turned 28 last week and my friend Liz was sweet enough to organize a small birthday dinner. Last time I celebrated in a big way was three years ago and the night ended in a bar fight and stealing another person's birthday cake. A night not worth recreating.
Thoughtful as ever, she ordered a couple beautiful centerpieces for our table at a wine bar (and had my favorite bottle of wine waiting for me when I arrived!) I brought both arrangements back to my apartment and found a home for them on my dining room table. 
I've been wearing Trophy Wife by Essie this past week. One of my favorite nail polish colors. I just received the classic red lipstick as a gift last week from Liz and also received the Burke glasses by Warby Parker in the mail last week! I have a habit of destroying everything I own from shoes to purses to eyewear. So now I have a fresh, sassy pair and I need them more than ever. I swore I saw my boyfriend at the gym earlier this week and upon much closer inspection, it was a large hispanic gentleman. 


Rhiannon Lorenzo said...


Jenmarie said...

Happy Birthday! It's always nice to celebrate your in a special way! Can't wait to see what those glasses look like on :)

Nikki Williams said...

happy belated birthday!! i love those glasses!