Thursday, December 27, 2012

Some Blogs I Love

I've been sick this week and I've spent some time catching up on some of my favorite blogs and I thought I should share a few I started reading this past year that I absolutely love!
Amanda of Off of Broadway, is one of the most stylish people on this planet and her blog is one of my favorites. From her haircut to fearless style to her ability to run and exercise AND seem to enjoy it, I'm always in awe of her. I had the opportunity to meet her in person last March in Austin and she's really just an incredible person with flawless skin and a closet filled with thrifted gems I'd love to "borrow."
Karrin (left) and Haley (right) of Style Sound are two fun and easy-going gals. They blog from Chicago and Houston, respectively, and infuse their love of style and music in their blog. I've known the two of them before they started their blog and I enjoy reading about their adventures and getting some inspiration from their bohemian styles.
Nicole of Rose Runs Wild is a lifestyle blog I appreciate so much. It's easy to throw up a photo of your outfit, but it takes more balls to share your life with the world and I love reading about her and her cute-as-a-button son and her handsome fiance. And of course, their pups!


Diane said...

thanks so much for posting these! such great blogs!!! i'm always looking for new ones and these are fabulous :)

Jennifer said...

I love Amanda but haven't read the other two - now I have a reason to slack off at work :p

xo Jennifer

Ashley Taylor said...

Can't wait to check them out :) Thanks!

xo Ashley

Rachel Bethke said...

yes! i am always looking for new blogs to follow :) and since you are the first blog i have EVER followed it seems only right to take your advice! xo

amanda said...

andrea!! that is the sweetest thing ever :) and i'm pretty excited to get to know these other two blogs as well. get better soon!!

Haley said...

You rock, I just adore you :) can't wait to check the others out!!

Sabina said...

What Diane said. I'm always looking for good reads and inspiration. Hope you have a great New Year!

Karrin said...

Thanks for sharing Andrea! You are a true inspiration... an honor to be one of your favorites :)
xoxo, Karrin