Thursday, January 7, 2010

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Ads will run for a 30 day period and are located in the top left sidebar. Contact me at for rates.

Businesses and individuals also have the option of submitting items for a giveaway. I would promote this item through a blog post and use a third party software to select a winner at random.

Offer Discounts:
Another option to promote your business would be through offering a discount or promo for your business. Again, I would promote this through my blog and other social media tools.

Local Events:
I support local art/fashion/music events and would love to attend as much as I can in the area. Please let me know if there is an event you'd like me to attend and I can feature it on the blog.

Venues for photography:
I'm always looking for new places to photograph my outfits. If you're interested in letting me use any type of space, please email me at I want to promote the unique areas in Lansing and would be more than happy to get photographed or photograph other individuals I feature in a variety of spaces.

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Large: 200x225
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