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January 2010


Tieka and I had an unbelievable amount of fun yesterday shopping. We laugh so much about stupid things and we’re probably the most disgusting girls ever. We both grew up having more guy than girl friends and I think that’s why it’s so easy for us to be such good friends. Nothing grosses each other out and no drama!

At first, we had a hard time finding things because we both wanted to look fabulous. We then realized we were thinking much too hard about what to wear. We had a revelation as Tieka calls it–just wear what we like to wear. It took us a couple hours of looking at things I would never normally purchase to realize we should just stick to what we like. I made some purchases that I’m going to hold off wearing until NYC. I still need a couple more things to finish those outfits. So excited!

Tieka helped me style this skirt. It’s always nice to have a set of new eyes look at your closet. I’ve been neglecting my very many scarves and she pulled one out that went well with the skirt. I paired it simply with a black tee and Tieka draped it a little bit differently than what I’ve done in the past.
[corduroy skirt by lark and wolff, tights by anne klein borrowed from tieka, oxford heels by ciao bella, tee by f21]
I have these photos in color on Chictopia.
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Seen and Submitted Feature on American Apparel

Yay! I wore this just a couple days ago and was contacted to be featured on this page wearing the chambray jumper pant.

Tieka is spending the night tonight and I anticipate a late night of giggling and feeling like a 12 year old girl at a sleepover. Whenever Tieka or my friend Kimmi spend the night that’s what always happens. I definitely need sleep though for a full day of shopping in Detroit. I’m on a mission to find items to wear to the Chictopia conference!

light sensitivity

My eyes are so sensitive to light. Even when it’s cloudy, I’m continually squinting. Hence, half closed eyes in a majority of the photos below. I was so pumped to wear these new pants to work today. I’m obviously enjoying this style and the roominess in them. While I got weird looks from my boss and the highest pitch laugh ever from my friend Tom who photographed me, I am still obsessed and plan to wear these very often. That’s why I like living in the midwest. I can wear things that are not all that crazy and people are blown away (in good and bad ways I’ve discovered.)

T minus 1.5 days until Tieka gets here! I miss her!

[t shirt by t by alexander wang, pants by american apparel, belt by ecote, boots by deena & ozzy]
Who the hells know why I was making that face in that photo.
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poofy pants

“What are you wearing? Are those..Are those poofy pants?” was my supervisor’s response to my pants once I stood to leave her office. I proceeded to proudly display my pants and move from behind the desk so she could take it all in. I love these pants. My top is a long tanktop/dress and I had all the room in the world to stuff the extra material and wear the top as I did.

I attended an event this afternoon for work. It was a statewide alumni celebration for people who went through the Michigan Works! system and were success received training and other services, overcame various barriers and are now a shining example of a once unemployed person who now has a successful career in the state. The alumna from our agency did such a fabulous job speaking. She was interviewed by a local television station and I realized how much I love my job. Media relations is fun and while I don’t speak to the media directly, I enjoy coordinating it. I like being on T.V. though. For example, when I coordinate events for college students to tour IT companies and we get media out at the companies, I’ll slyly walk into frame and make sure to not look at the camera and pretend I’m engaged in whatever is going on.

[blazer by silence + noise, colorful tanktop by silence + noise, black tank top by f21, poofy pants by bcbg, shoes by deena and ozzy]
You can see the tank top a little better. I was thrilled to find a top that wasn’t black or grey AND on sale.


Now for the real cuteness…photos of my gorgeous and fabulous friend, Haley. I adore this girl. She’s been dating one of my good friends, Kyle, from high school, for five years now and we’ve been friends almost since the start of their relationship. I can hang out with the two of them and not feel like a third wheel. She’ll graduate with a degree in packaging this spring and Kyle will get his masters in geology by next winter and the two of them will leave me forever. Ah sadness. Anyways, Haley joined me at Grand River Connection’s 4th Tuesday event which is basically a monthly networking event for young professionals. It was at this hip club Enso and Haley looked so cute I had to bust out my camera shouting, “I NEED TO PUT YOU ON MY BLOG!!

[dress by forever 21, booties by nine west, rings from mad eagle]
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erin part deux

Mondays. Normally I hate them, but I was super busy at work and the day flew right by! I met up for dinner with my friend, Jasmine and shopped some sales at Urban Outfitters. The pleasant mood today helped fuel some of my energy to clean my apartment. And now time to shop online! Or at least look..

As promised, below are some photos of my friend Erin from Saturday.

[dress by f21, tights from j crew, cardigan by bdg, boots from urban outfitters]
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