Workout & Post-Workout Essentials

A variation of Fitness Friday, I wanted to share a couple essentials for pre and post-workout. Post-workout (if I’m not too sweaty and require an immediate shower), I use one of these essential oil mixes that is light and relaxing. I created this blend with The Collective during a workshop at Merl’s Shudio. It was funny because all the calm yogi’s created wonderfully uplifting mixes and I’m like I need ALL THE CALMING SCENTS.
I’ve used a lot of deodorants over the years and I’ve been using Dove advanced care deodorant for more than a year and it comes in wonderfully subtle scents and is super moisturizing, something that is a concern for my dry arm pits that require daily shaving.
Crude sent me some cold pressed juices and I haven’t found a green juice that I actually enjoy. I can force myself to drink some and love the fruitier variations, but the crude green juice is actually quite tasty.
My hair suffers the most from my workouts. All the sweat ( I sweat a lot on my head) ruins my hair, making it fuzzy and stiff. I’ve been spritzing this DevaCurl lavender curl revitalizer to deoderize my hair along with smoothing out the fuzzies with a hot iron around my forehead to solve those problems.
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  • The Dragonfruit
    June 27, 2015 at 7:19 am

    I'm a newbie when it comes to working out, but I'm already addicted to those endorphin rushes. Haha, great post-workout post! Now I want all the calming scents xD

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