Toothbrushin’ with Sonicare


I’ve always enjoyed the finer meals in life like a Snickers
bar, eating frosting out of the can and slowly sipping on cokes, all of which,
paired with my predisposed redneckness of terrible teeth, made me a poster
child for what not to do to ensure a mouth of cavities. 

While I still drink pop, I’ve cut back on the sweets significantly and have gotten so much better with flossing and was pumped to take my oral health up a notch with trying the Philips Sonicare PowerUp. It also has a self-timer of two minutes..which made me realize I need that timer to ensure I’m brushing for long enough. 

Philips Sonicare sent me two brushes, one with a soft brush and one with a medium brush. So naturally, I enlisted Kyle to take part in the challenge to try the PowerUp with the medium brush and to take awkward photos of myself with toothbrush. It took me a day to get used to an electronic toothbrush, but I really like how clean my teeth and mouth feel. Kyle says “it’s good.” A man of few words.
*Sponsored by Philips Sonicare
*Shop the Philips Sonicare PowerUp at Philips Sonicare and automatically get $4 off starting today until December 14!
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