Testing Out the Brazilian Blowout


Curly Hair Woes

It took me a long time to accept my curly mop..and naturally right when I start to come around to it, it evolves from over-the-top big and springy curls to looser, less dense curl, with the same amount of frizzies. My friend and hair stylist who owns the Standard has been singing the Brazilian Blowout praises as she’s managed her own curly hair with the hair treatment. And I was finally ready to try it.

What is a Brazilian Blowout?

The Brazilian Blowout is a hair smoothing treatment that can be customized to cut back on frizz or go completely sleek and straight for up to 10-12 weeks. The idea that it’s customizable sold me because I wasn’t looking to lose my curls completely, just the frizz. And my curls have turned more into waves the last couple years, so I was intrigued by the idea of having smooth wavy hair that involved even less maintenance.

My Brazilian Blowout Experience

The actual application of it the first time really bothered my eyes and throat, but once I made that apparent to Michelle, she “rough-dried” most of my hair before using the round brush to keep the air from blowing in my face, which helped significantly. And then the most recent application, which was my second treatment, I didn’t experience any throat or eye aggravations.

My hair was silky smooth once she finished the blow dry and flat iron. The real test was once I washed my hair. And to my surprise, it air dried beautifully. My entire life I’ve grown accustomed to all the frizzy parts that dry first and with this treatment..it dries frizz-free and smooth. I still have a wave and feel like myself, and I love a disheveled, grungy hairstyle, but now with less body and no worry of frizz or out of control hair.

dsc_5952 dsc_5962

dsc_5941These photos above I should add, is a week after the treatment and after just one hair wash. And below is after she highlighted and gave me another great blow out for a wedding. And what’s great with the Brazilian Blowout is that it takes less time to blow dry it straight with the treatment. Thanks Michelle, you’re the best!dsc_5999

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