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Always a Sweatshirt


Yes to Sweatshirt Style

I don’t know if I can profess my love for crewneck sweatshirts anymore without annoying the shit out of everyone. Sorry in advance, but this type of outfit, although perhaps unsexy to a man and uninspired to a woman, I feel amazing. And that’s all that matters, right?

Also, I have lipstick all over my teeth in these photos…I will edit the shit out of a client’s headshot to make it perfect, but when it comes to editing my own photos, I’m just too lazy.


Merl visited me a couple weekends ago and this seemed appropriate for an adventure to Grand Rapids to thrift and visit antique shops. I snagged a large geode for my coffee table, a brass book holder thing that Merl decided she didn’t want at check out and a pink 1950s vase for my dining nook’s new shelving.

DSC_6497 DSC_6532 DSC_6516 DSC_6494

[Rose sweatshirt c/o Shein, jeans from Urban Outfitters, bag by Proenza Schouler, eyeglasses by Chloe, rings and gold choker by Katie Dean Jewelry, shoes from Lori’s Shoes]

Photos by Merl Kinzie

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Roses are Red


Warm Winter

I delighted in an extra warm weekend with a sheer maxi dress and squeezing in as much as events and to-do list tackling as I could. I first styled this pretty dress for the Bella Furs event in town where I help to style clients for a couple hours and snapped photos of the gorgeous furs, a mix of new and vintage pieces. Read More »

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Bright Lips for Winter


Pop of Color

I partnered with Meijer to share a few ways to incorporate bold pops of color in your beauty routine this winter. See more over at Meijer Style!

If you wonder what I normally wear day-to-day–this is it! SURPRISE ITS ALL BLACK. And I love me some basic tees, sweaters and sweatshirts and elevating it a bit with a bold lipstick. It seems a little unexpected for me at least and makes it seem like a brand new look with a different lip color choice. Read More »

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DSC_6395 (1)

Winter Boho

I’m not much for romance. Never have been. My boyfriends in high school would leave flowers in locker and I’d ask “how the FUCK did you get my locker combination?” or they thought it was cute to pop by unannounced at my home to bring me a rose and I would toss the dude and the flower out. I was in my teens and a big(ger) asshole then, but I still hate cliche romantic gestures. Fill up my gas tank up with the cost of those stupid flowers instead. Read More »

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Black + Tan


Brunchin’ in Muskegon

Sometimes I write off Muskegon, Michigan as a giant shithole and I forget there’s more than a sad Olive Garden or depressing Golden Corral. But there are local shops and restaurants to explore that I didn’t even know existed. Read More »

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