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Warm Winter Day Style

Cardigan as a Jacket

I was able to get away with this oversized boucle jacket during last week’s heat wave of 38 degree weather (and sun!) I tossed this cardigan over a vintage band tee I bought last summer and felt all kinds of cozy. I forgot a beanie, but shopped in Muskegon and found the perfect slouchy version at Sparrow to toss on later in the day. It actually all started with glittery star shoes–I wanted to wear them on the one day I could get away with a little ankle exposed. Read More »

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Pink + White


Braids and Color

Sure, I typically avoid color and doing anything with this mop, but I’m a sucker for anything pink–and matching sets–and crop tops–and stripes. I was lazily shopping vintage stores with Jazz in Ann Arbor last weekend when I stumbled up on this matching set. Read More »

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Odds & Ends

DSC_7159 copy
When I was in Chicago last weekend, I checked out the Birchbox pop up. With a mimosa in one hand and snapchat filming in the other, I picked out an assortment of products for my custom Birchbox. I love the box print. It’s just so pretty. I’ve been using the Kiehl’s moisturizer and the Hello fragrance a lot this week and may need to pull the trigger and buy full size versions.
DSC_7171 copy
I’ve been reorganizing my closets and realized how much I miss my sweater. Another or month or so and I’ll be snuggled up in these. Some of my favorites are Soft JoieUnif and Acne Studios (out of my price range, but love.) I picked up these vintage dad jean levi’s from Rawson last week the SHUDIO in Chicago. They take my butt to another level. 
Well, my skin is back to being a jerk again and so I’ve been incorporating some new products that are gentle and moisturizing while I still try to function with adult acne and dryness. Stemology’s cell rescue gel toner is super gentle and great for sensitive skin and I’ve been using after cleanser the last week.
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Guest Post: Merl Kitty …er, Kinzie

{crop top: AA // Vietnam War era men’s army trousers: MidNorth Mercantile // 1960s tapestry bag + wooden platform heels: Dethrose Vintage // handmade necklace [style in store only!]: clyde’s rebirth  // rings: vintage}

Before introductions even begin, I would like you kittens to know
that Andrea had to nag me not once, not twice, but close to 239487 times
before I finally wrote up a guest post for her. It’s not that I didn’t
want to help my little muppet out while she’s hardly working, I mean
hard at work, but you see I’m opening up a storefront with two pals o mine [TONIGHT!!!!!] and I can’t even recall if I put on deodorant today […or this week] let alone remember to con a very talented shutterbug to try and catch a
glimpse of what my good side used to be as well as convince you guys I
can be witty from time to time. Don’t even get me started on following Yen & Lora.
I should’ve just shown you guys photos of my 3 fur children and called
it a day. Instead, I decided to wear them on my black shirt. Cat hair IS
the new hot accessory this fall right? RIGHT?

For the few not introduced to my malleable mug the other night on twitter,
let’s get acquainted. I’m Merl. Yes that’s also your Grandpa’s name. I
wear some of his donated clothing so we are basically the same person, hip
problems and all. I have 3 cats and surprisingly am not single. To
support the aforementioned walking hairball’s wet food habit, I hand
make an eco friendly jewelry line, help people build greener wardrobes, and take photos of other creatives. Last but certainly not least, as I mentioned earlier, I’m flinging open the doors to Market Supply Co at 6 pm [pssst Chicago catz: we are sneakily opening at 4 pm before the official 2nd Friday start time] this evening! Well, considering how accident prone I am, I’m going to let any vigorous movements be done by Karyn or Mike,
my co-conspirators at 1747 S Halsted. Karyn will have her impeccable
women’s vintage clothing and accessories available to paw through, Mike
is hawking his incredible men’s vintage garb while also giving the cool
kids old school barber haircuts and I’ll be testing out my best Chicago
car salesmen accent on the poor souls lucky enough to look at my jewelry
for more than 2 seconds. I’m also more than happy to help you figure
out how to work that vintage piece into your au courant wardrobe.
Spoiler alert: it’s much easier than you might believe. See that rad
handbag I’m carrying above? And those killer high waisted army pants?
AND those sick wooden platform kicks? Basically Ralph Lauren, Prabal
Gurung and Prada jacked my look for their fall lines. I will give them
major kudos on the premonition skills for reading my mind though..
Regardless, practically anything we are offering up in exchange for your
hard earned monies can be made current while still remaining uniquely
YOU. WITCHCRAFT. Just kidding, it’s magic. Ok ok, it’s just getting
creative while earning an air five from mama N. Winning. [can we bring that phrase back? Crazy Sheen is much more enjoyable than crazy Miley..]

So we’ll see you tonight? Don’t worry, I’ll bring the awesome
merchandise ……and whiskey. Maybe even some cat hair on my clothes if
you’re lucky.


**all photos by Rachel Winslow