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More Snaps From Nevada

Burnt tasting coffee and a delicious muffin.
It takes a lot to impress a person surrounded by the Great Lakes, but Lake Mead was a beautiful site to see in the middle of the desert.
Hoover Dam was quite the site and it just tickled my mom that we were in Arizona on one side of the dam and in Nevada on the other side.
We explored old strip in Vegas and I loved all the old signs, chapels and even walking through the pawn shop on the reality show, Pawn Stars. No Chumlee or anyone though, sadly.
Sure, it was 65 degrees in Vegas and too cold to swim for the locals, but with the sun and heated pool, I was in heaven.


A Few From Nashville

We found another “Believe in Nashville” sign so naturally I forced my mom to take 100 jumping shots of me in front of it.
My mom found this ‘Merica tank at Blush in the Gulch–we did a lot of shopping and sightseeing during our four day stay in Nashville. No celebrity sightings unfortunately.
My mom LOVES American Pickers and when I reminded her that they had a store in Nashville, she was beside herself with excitement. The store was filled with items she saw from previous episodes of the show and a variety of other trinkets that my mom just had to take photos of. I’ve never heard that click of the digital camera so much in my life (besides the flight home when she finally got a window seat and took a million photos of clouds.)
Visiting the Belle Meade Plantation was a highlight of the trip, particularly the wine tasting and drinking a glass of this blueberry wine with an overpriced truffle and $8 mini bag of caramels. It was so beautiful out and we sat in this little courtyard enjoying our drinks.
I love Eighth Avenue Antiques and since my mom loves antiquing, we made a quick stop here and we regretting not driving so that we could buy all the shit and just load it in my car. There were a handful of pretty mirrors I would’ve liked to take home with me.
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