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Northwest Photo Diary

First time in Seattle and at the market!
Giant bouquets of flowers on the cheap. So cool.
Meat and Bread: delicious.
Hotel views.
Always a blast to travel with my friend Melissa who loves to eat too many donuts, walk and explore and shop with me!

Travel Necessities + Tips

I’m off on a road trip with my mom and I snapped a few photos of my packing to share my process!
Tip: Pack a clutch as a make up bag
To be most efficient, I pack a clutch as a make up bag and pack only the essentials to save on space. Essentials include tinted moisturized, bronzer/blush combo, mascara, a couple lipgloss choices and primer along with Scentbird containing a sample of perfume so I can leave my full-sized versions at home (this month it’s Tom Ford’s Black Orchid.) I’ve been using this vintage leather clutch with scalloped edges because it’s a great size and transitions well from make up bag to my evening clutch.
Tip: Include a couple fun extras, just in case
Since they take up such little space and they can spruce up any outfit, I packed a couple extra clutches–an oversized black version and a yellow version for my evenings out and about with mom. They’ll also double as jewelry protectors, although I’ll be wearing most of what I’m packing throughout the week including Katie Dean Jewelry rings, Shinola watch and Clyde’s Rebirth necklace.
Tip: Versatile shoes
I packed heel-free for this trip! I’ve learned the hard way that packing those special pair of heels for that one night wasn’t worth the space in my luggage or the pain I felt in my feet from spending too much time on the go wearing them. For me, I still want variety in my shoes, so versatile and comfortable flat sandals in the color that mix and match the best is what I do.
Tip: Travel size products + customizing products for trip
Instead of lugging around full-sized products or pouring them into small containers (ain’t got no time for that), I select quality travel size products and keep them packed in a clutch so that I can grab and go easily. For this particular trip, I’m concerned with frizzy hair along the ocean and so I added leave-in conditioner with my travel size products.
I have dozens and dozens of sunglasses and I’m bringing a few tried and true aviators along with reading material, the standard black hat and my new favorite No-Ad sunscreen stick, that has a deodorant-like packaging and I can easily glide it over my tattoo throughout the day without the mess.
Beauty, Hair

iHeart Music + wet n wild

I’m perfectly content being a nana, choosing my couch and an early bed time over a crazy night out, but when Meijer asked if I wanted to head out to Las Vegas for the iHeart Music Festival with wet n wild, I shed my former self and said yes. But of course, I was filled with immediate anxiety. I didn’t know anyone going, no one could come with me and I came to the conclusion I’d have to navigate the travel and social gatherings on my own. Navigating these things aren’t new to me, I’m used to traveling alone, feeling a bit awkward and lost, but no matter how often I do it, it still feels like the first time.
Luckily for me, the wet n wild team made me feel welcomed right from the start and a glass of champagne as I entered the glam suite for hair and makeup also helped! I met a handful of bloggers from LA who were so much fun and charismatic. Most of them seemed to also balance careers as media personalities, which makes sense since they were so wonderfully fun and funny.
It was just pure excitement to get dolled up along side other bloggers and experience a production like the iHeart Music Festival. I got the most amazing seat a couple rows back from the stage the first night. So close I could see the sweat on Chris Martin’s face and just how amazingly large Nicki Minaj’s booty is. Moments like this I know I’ll treasure forever and be grateful to Meijer for selecting me to go with wet n wild. Even though I was able to see some amazing artists perform, spending time in their glam suite was my favorite. Not often do I get my hair and make up done on the daily (never do)!
A dude I don’t know, Dawn of Beauty Frosting, Brian, VP of Marketing with Wet n Wild
Fishtail hair by Linda Zirkus
Make up by Shana Janelle