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Ann Arbor with Jazz



As a MSU Spartan, I feel this innate desire to hate on rival University of Michigan and it’s super cute town Ann Arbor..but this city is incredible and I love to visit. I wish East Lansing had some of the elements of Ann Arbor, but luckily it’s just an hour away. I made plans to meet up with Jazz of Bokkie and a Boy since it’s a great meeting point for both of us. Read More »

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Pink + White


Braids and Color

Sure, I typically avoid color and doing anything with this mop, but I’m a sucker for anything pink–and matching sets–and crop tops–and stripes. I was lazily shopping vintage stores with Jazz in Ann Arbor last weekend when I stumbled up on this matching set. Read More »

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The Fed

I usually do nothing fun on the weekdays, because anything fun usually is stressful to coordinate and I like to go to bed real early. However, I made an exception to my hermit tendencies and sent my RSVP to attend the private opening for the Fed, a brand new, and might I add, the most magnificent restaurant I’ve ever seen. Read More »

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Summer Adventures & Ruffles


Holiday Weekend

My weekend was almost completely unplanned–so unlike me. And with the unplanned days, we made a spontaneous trip to West Michigan to enjoy a beach day. We didn’t check the weather and we ended up getting rained on, but Cole was able to take a quick dip into Lake Michigan at Pere Marquette and jet over to Grand Haven for lunch on a rooftop. Read More »

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Denim Skirt: Styled Two Ways


Denim Skirt Love

I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect denim skirt. The last time I wore denim skirts, they had pleats and were as short as my butt cheeks–oh early 2000’s trends.

I’ve been wearing this skirt nonstop this summer and have shared two ways to style it! Read More »

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