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The Freelancer Style: What I Wear on Photo Jobs

Dressing for Freelance Projects

I love taking on side hustles like family photography sessions, social media consulting for boutiques and blogging here at Blonde Bedhead–I get to fill in gaps where I feel a little unfulfilled creatively. And I usually wear something along these lines for that work since it’s tried and true. I love all black, leather, grey crewneck sweatshirts and I always gotta be sipping on something. Read More »

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Layered for Spring


Dressing for a Fickle Spring

I’ve been wearing variations of this look for a few weeks since it’s not quite warm enough yet (consistently at least) to forego layers completely, so I choose light sweaters layered with vests. Which reminds, I need to shop for a few more to add to the closet rotation.  Read More »

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My Friend Erin

I met Erin when I was 22 and fresh out of college at my first big girl job. She worked with me and we bonded over owning the same pair of jeans. Back in those days, I owned probably three pairs of shoes total, one of which were a pair of flats that smelled like garbage and I kept gluing the soles back on, despite my coworkers’ pleads to throw the stinky shoes away. Thanks to Erin, I grew out of my redneck roots (just a little) to gain appreciation for quality pieces of clothing. And now I have too many shoes.
We met up earlier in the week and I snapped a couple photos of her because I love her effortless styles on her days off.