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A Statement Coat + Bougie Beret

Winter Florals

I longed for this coat last winter at Retail Therapy and finally scooped it up this summer on major clearance. I had to remind myself how happy I would be when winter hit and I had this in my closet. The cocoon shape makes it easy to toss on my oversized tops and wide sleeve sweaters, which is basically all I seem to wear lately. Read More »

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Relaxed Weekend Wear + A Statement Boot

Cool Boots and Cozy Layers

I’m at an interesting place in my life where I want my outfit to coordinate with my dog’s. It would just be cute, right? I basically dressed myself around James’ precious tartan jacket in complementary colors and neutrals happen to be my favorite colors to wear. In retrospect, these jeans may not have been the right choice, gives the illusion of cankles. You live and learn. Read More »




A Journey to A Fake Tooth

This is saga began more than two years ago and I won’t bore you with details of bad dentistry, good dentistry, thousands of dollars and too much waiting, but lastly I do have a tooth in the space of the botched root canal and I can smile wide and feel a little less redneck than I did before.

Go-To Look

Why do I tell you this boring shit? Well, I wore this to sit in the dentist chair for the FINAL leg of the journey to get that fake tooth screwed in. To be honest, I wore this a handful of times over the last couple weeks. Black,’s just easy combinations for me and I can’t stop wearing this top I got on sale at Zara. Read More »

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Home on the Range


Back Home

If I’m completely honest, I didn’t love growing up on a hobby farm with our backyard horses, random goats and feral barn cats. I came out of the womb fearful of dirt and out of touch with nature, completely opposite of my mom. Read More »

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Winter Fringe


Winter Repeats

For Christmas and the week after I had off I wore varying versions of this oversized cardigan/black tunic/sweater/faux leather leggings look. I was such a bum, but the leggings and fur details made it appear as if I made an effort. This particular look took me to two dental appointments (fake tooth, here I come!) and buying donuts for my grandparents and niece. Read More »

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