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Adding a Pop of Color this Shit Winter

I’m about to lose my shit this winter. The snow is endless and I had such a positive outlook on it in 2017 and now I’m completely over it. My week in Mexico next month can’t come soon enough!

Seeing Red

Anywho, I’m big into neutrals (obvi), but I love to incorporate a pop of color into accessories that I can easily take off or change out. I can never seem to fully commit to something loud and bold unless it’s easily removable. I had my eye on this knit beanie from Retail Therapy for a few months and I finally pulled the trigger and if winter is here to stay I guess I better have more fun and functional hats. I paired it with a cream sweater, my most prized vintage coat and jeans that make me somewhat immobile (damn no stretch denim.) Read More »

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Chaos & the City



I forced Celeste from Retail Therapy to snap a few photos of me outside our hotel before we headed off to Chelsea for a buying trip to Designers and Agents. I looked tired and grumpy and I felt that way too. I should’ve passed on taking photos, but I liked my go-to look for the day and wanted to quickly document it. Read More »

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Wearing Rust


Vintage Details

Well it’s been like five degrees outside the last week, but luckily I experienced a couple abnormally warm days on my time off to galavant around town sans tights. I styled the new dress with a couple of my favorite pre-owned pieces: the Dries Van Noten fur coat I picked up on consignment from Bella Furs in Grand Rapids and this vintage Chanel bag I bought off Etsy a few years ago. My friend Jen bought me this new choker too, which I love so damn much. Read More »

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