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Chaos & the City



I forced Celeste from Retail Therapy to snap a few photos of me outside our hotel before we headed off to Chelsea for a buying trip to Designers and Agents. I looked tired and grumpy and I felt that way too. I should’ve passed on taking photos, but I liked my go-to look for the day and wanted to quickly document it. Read More »

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Wearing Rust


Vintage Details

Well it’s been like five degrees outside the last week, but luckily I experienced a couple abnormally warm days on my time off to galavant around town sans tights. I styled the new dress with a couple of my favorite pre-owned pieces: the Dries Van Noten fur coat I picked up on consignment from Bella Furs in Grand Rapids and this vintage Chanel bag I bought off Etsy a few years ago. My friend Jen bought me this new choker too, which I love so damn much. Read More »

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Snow Leopard


A Lady Date

I planned a day trip to Grand Rapids to deliver a present to my friend Jen and take a mini tour of the city for food and drink (naturally.) We kicked off our day at Ferris Coffee for lattes and wonderfully lit selfies before heading to Broadway Bar, a dive bar with delicious food and most importantly, infamous for its holiday decor. Read More »

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Urban Camouflage


Blending in or Standing Out

When I styled a faux print sweatshirt and a leopard print coat, I thought I was being bold..and then I took photos in front of a yellow wall where I blend in completely. Hmph..

If there’s one sleeper staple item in my closet, it’s the crewneck sweatshirt. I can style anything around one like this Pam & Gela one from Schoola. I layered it underneath this fur jacket I bought off consignment from Bella Furs from a “a reputable, wealthy family in Grand Rapids” And then my receipt read Van Andel. If you’re in Michigan, you know what that means. Thank you Van Andel family for passing along a beautiful Dries Van Noten coat to a mere peasant. Read More »

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It’s been 15 years since I’ve last visited downtown Rockford and it is incredibly cute. My friend Jen lives there and we finally committed to a plan of lunch and wandering the shops and trail along the river. I stumbled into a candy store where I have absolutely no self control and grabbed a caramel apple and some sour cherry candies! It’s such a quaint downtown–not too big and not too small, a perfect day trip if you’re already planning to head to Grand Rapids. Read More »

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