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Blue Owl Visit

My friend Courtney drove in from Pittsburgh for a girls weekend last week, a much needed respite of watching Heartland and eating shit food. On a social afternoon, we jaunted over to Blue Owl Coffee, Retail Therapy and wandered around Old Town. She wanted to see all my favorite places I’ve posted about on my blog and social media, which made it easy for planning her visit–just head into places I normally visit on weekends! Read More »

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Summer Tan


Summer Style

Summer is officially here and I’ve been staring at this off the shoulder top I bought two months ago and finally decided to take it out for a Saturday full of mundane errands with Cole. I love the look of it, but once I tried it on, I realized how impractical it actually is and I just haven’t felt like dealing with it, until Saturday. Something about being overdressed Home Depot and Target motivated me to wear it.

Favorite Sunless Tanner Products

In high school, I was that obsessive tanner–the one who looked leathery and also the tacky one with the playboy bunny outline on my hip (thanks to the body stickers, wtf was I thinking?) And then college rolled around and I realized how awful tanning is for your skin and I avoided sun at all costs. I have a much better balance now–I go to the beach, wear SPF and love a good spray tan. Read More »

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Buy Nearby Guide: Lansing


I’ve claimed Lansing as my home since checking into the dorms at MSU in 2004 and so much has changed in the last 12 years. Lots of new developments along Michigan Avenue, Reo Town, Old Town and other little pockets and neighborhoods. Read More »



If given a choice, I’d almost always choose jeans and a tee, but it was so goddamn hot out, I threw this easy dress on with a pair of flats after work and called it a day. Kyle and I headed over to Lansing Brewing Company to snap a few pics with their apparel and we were treated to a sampling of beer and a tour of the space. The interior was made up of crisp white subway tiles, reclaimed wood and beautiful pendant lighting with an outpour of natural light. So beautiful. Plus, the beer was delicious.
I felt a little Kardashian in this dress, asking Kyle if it was appropriate to wear before leaving the apartment. I’ve been eating Mcdonald’s and Taco Bell basically every meal of every day and I have no choice but to own what I’ve got goin’ on.
[dress from Forever 21 (love these striped dresses), flats c/o Johnston & Murphy, clutch c/o Asos]
Photos by Kyle Keberlein
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A Michigan Farmer’s Market

Maybe it’s been my reluctance to eat fruits and vegetables, but I had never made it to the farmer’s market at the capitol in my ten years of living in Lansing. My friend Sam of Samantha Elizabeth asked me to snap a few photos and now that I like veggies (and some fruit) and learned of the huge variety of goods at the market, I made it a priority to attend. 
My haul included apple spice donuts (sugar coated and plain), a chocolate croissant, spicy salsa and whole wheat chips, fresh-baked bread with red pepper flakes, jalapenos, green peppers, spicy pickled asparagus and daylillies. If I would’ve had time, I could’ve done more damage! I twisted Hannah’s arm in coming to help me shop and lend her pretty face for a few photos. I compensated her with my lasting friendship and a sugar coated donut.
I can’t wait to shop the next farmer’s market on August 27 and September  24. I need more donuts and well-priced jalapenos in my life.