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Spring Inspired

I’ve been slowly phasing out my Art Van Clearance style ever since I made a livable wage and I’m ready to take that next step: the clean/purge mode with my apartment. I’m ready to let go of things I don’t quite love or no longer fits my style. 
I also want to insert some color, especially with summer looming. I’m particularly interested in updating accessories in my living room with new pillows, throws and accent pieces. My bedroom needs a complete overhaul, so I’ll tackle that later, but for now, I need bright details and an updated, bright patio space to kick this summer off right! What’s on your home shopping list?

1. Ceramic Table Lamp, $59.99
2. Draper Vase, $23
3. Hobnail Candle, $17.99
4. Dauville Gold Bud Vase, $30
5. Lacquer Tray, $120
6. Macall Pillow, $44
7. Perfect Throw, $29
8. Bella Candle, $10.49


Thoughts on Redecorating


It’s always a traumatic experience for me when I have to place furniture or rearrange things. I become attached to the same layout and second guess myself when I move things around or buy new furniture..and instantly miss whatever it once was even if it was a shitty $20 Ikea coffee table and I finally found the right replacement for the living room. For some reason, I miss that shitty $20 Ikea coffee table.
The living room is finally done now that I have six months left on my lease, just little odds and ends to finish like finding the right home for my new succulent arrangements I bought from Clyde’s Rebirth. I’ve donated most of the furniture in my office to friends and have replaced the darker finishes and bulkier pieces with natural tones to give the small room a lighter, more airy feeling. I’m really stuck on it and I need Merl to come visit and fix it for me, but I’ll trek along until she gets her butt to Michigan. It might be -15 degrees out, but I’m in spring cleaning mode (so everything is a mess) and I’ll share more photos once the other rooms are more organized! Anyone else got the itch to declutter and rearrange?
Also, if you’re into succulents and don’t know shit about them like me, Merl and her sis Kate of Sit Kip Productions produced a tutorial video on how to plant and arrange!

Home Office Tour

So I bought a cowhide rug for the living room, but it didn’t look right. Then I thought I would copy a Pinterest image and position it under the dining room table. Kyle hated it, I got pissed that he hated it (I secretly didn’t like it there that much.) After much furniture moving and disagreements, I put it in the room I have complete control over: my office! It actually looks the best here.
Before Kyle moved in, I put this desk in the living room in the back corner. I love the natural light in the living room and having the TV on as background noise while I worked. It didn’t work so well with boy and dog so I changed my closet overflow room to a more functioning office space.
The fur and pillow were placed here by default. I bought an extra one of these shearling throws just because I like them and once I sold my two living room chairs, the beaded pillow moved from living room chair to office chair and I was like “damn that looks good.”
More recently I’ve become interested in pretty notebooks and thank you/notecards. I write a to-do list everyday and instead of using a standard boring notebook as I’ve always done (efficiency over aesthetics in my work life), I hunt for a new notebook at Target and find pretty thank you cards at Target and on Etsy. I have the shittiest handwriting in the world too so I should probably stick to electronic forms of thank you’s, but I keep trying.
Last week, I learned about the merits of the 3m hook. Kyle opened my eyes to a new way of displaying art without destroying apartment walls and I went a little crazy with them here to hang/display hats and bags that fit nowhere else. Also, this closet holds my light jackets and blazers on the right side and on the left side, the two closet rods hold tops. The main bedroom closet holds all my jeans, sweatshirts and dresses and Kyle’s stuff. I also stuff my sneakers and flats in this closet with most of my heels on the two bookshelves converted to shoeshelves.