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The Week

I didn’t realize how dirty my house was until I waited until Wednesday night to start cleaning before my bestie Courtney from Pittsburgh comes to visit this weekend. James and Andrea hair tumbleweeds everywhere, layers of dust on baseboards and other gross shit I’ve been ignoring.

Instead of cleaning once I returned from my July travels, I let myself do nothing. It was quite delightful and when I was finally ready to do something, I baked. And then I baked some more. And took some photos. I’m hoping to bake some more before she arrives so I have treats to greet her with!  Read More »

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This & That

This month has been nuts, but I finally wrap up my second to last semester of grad school, client work and blog stuff (which obvs is my favorite). So…this coming weekend is all about catch up. I need to finish all the cleaning and organization I started last weekend. I haven’t wrapped a single present so I’m kind of excited to clean, wrap presents and relax (already have my tickets for the new Star Wars movie on Saturday!)
Snagged these two books for one of my accent tables during the last Shopbop sale. There’s a couple more I want now that I have these and also spying some sale items for this new Shopbop sale with 25 percent off extra anything on sale with code BONUS25. I’m eyeing these Sam Edelman Belinda Suede booties with fringe! The code wasn’t working yesterday so hoping I still have time today to get these before the sale ends today.
Here are some goodies Meijer sent–so many beautiful lip shades! I put together little gift bags for bloggers/influencers in Lansing and can’t wait to share them in the next couple weeks!
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Playing Catch Up

I was so excited to get home by 6:30 last night with daylight to spare, an apartment to clean and dog cuddles to catch up on while I edited head shots I took after work. I parked my ass on the floor and cranked those out in no time and then grabbed Mexican food for dinner with Kyle. It’s been a hectic couple of weeks orienting to the new job, Kyle’s new job and just balancing life in general. 
I’ve been feeling quite a bit of guilt for James who’s used to me working from home and pretty much always having someone at home with him. So now he goes to doggie daycare once a week and I found a pet sitter who will visit him and take him for walks while I’m at work. And once I get a baby gate to quarantine his little butt to my area, I will be able to take him with me from time to time.
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The last couple weeks has been nonstop with entertaining, which has been so much fun. I’m sort of a homebody, so to be able to be social at the comfort of my own home has been wonderful. We’ve been grilling out, mixing drinks, ordering pizzas–different days, different groups of friends and neighbors. Here are a few photos I’ve snapped over the course of three different days when we’ve tidied the area up for friends!
Inno sent me their InnoFlask bluetooth speaker and no matter the day or reason to have friends over, we’ve been using this to play our playlists. I’m not super techy, so I was impressed by the case and design, while all my electronic loving friends appreciated the quality of sound, especially Kyle. Before this, we were dragging speakers and wires outside and now we can just use this no matter where we go.
My friend Liz brought over a couple floral arrangements she put together from a wedding over the weekend, so I placed them on the patio and on my coffee table for the day while we entertained friends.



James & a few patio updates

I live in a quiet neighborhood and my apartment complex is low key with lots of trees and outdoor space that I haven’t quite taken advantage of in the last two summers here. It’s looked like this the last year or so.
This summer, I vowed to spruce it up which included sanding and repainting the rusted out patio table, replacing the tired old plastic chairs with new wooden ones and research on what plants can take direct sun all day. It’s a work in progress, but I’ve found some good deals along the way ($20 outdoor rug from World Market and solar lights on sale at Target.) I’m still looking for more plants and Kyle is starting to grow tomatoes, cucumbers and jalapenos up here. But most importantly, James loves it. We keep the door open so he can wander in and out. I’ll do another, better post of just the patio since I keep finding more things to finish it!
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