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Last week’s Retail Therapy event with the Standard has been probably my most favorite event in town. I’m obsessed with braids, just not capable of braiding my own hair yet. This stems from a high school trauma when I was a freshman cheerleader and the coach asked us all to do a simple french braid for the game. In order for my mom to manage this braid for me, she braided my hair wet and I was stuck with it all day at school. Once it was game time, the coach realized we all looked stupid and asked us to take the braids out. I couldn’t since my hair was cemented in that style with gel and I was so uncomfortable. I refused braids for a long time after and only in the last couple years have I warmed back up to them.
[Riller + Fount top and Stella Carakasi pants from Retail Therapy, boots from Lori’s Shoes]
Photos by Sam
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