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A Michigan Farmers Market Visit & Easy Recipes!


Farmers Market Bounty

This is just a small sampling of my bounty I brought home from the Allen Farmer’s Market. It’s been a while since I’ve visited this farmer’s market andΒ I forgot how wonderful they are.Β The highlight of my visit was meeting Mark with Hillcrest Farms. I scooped up a pint of blueberries, a salsa kit including all the veggies I’d need for a hot, spicy salsa and baby kale from his booth and he was incredibly helpful. Read More Β»

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A Michigan Farmer’s Market

Maybe it’s been my reluctance to eat fruits and vegetables, but I had never made it to the farmer’s market at the capitol in my ten years of living in Lansing. My friend Sam of Samantha Elizabeth asked me to snap a few photos and now that I like veggies (and some fruit) and learned of the huge variety of goods at the market, I made it a priority to attend. 
My haul included apple spice donuts (sugar coated and plain), a chocolate croissant, spicy salsa and whole wheat chips, fresh-baked bread with red pepper flakes, jalapenos, green peppers, spicy pickled asparagus and daylillies. If I would’ve had time, I could’ve done more damage! I twisted Hannah’s arm in coming to help me shop and lend her pretty face for a few photos. I compensated her with my lasting friendship and a sugar coated donut.
I can’t wait to shop the next farmer’s market on August 27 and September  24. I need more donuts and well-priced jalapenos in my life.