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Ann Arbor with Jazz



As a MSU Spartan, I feel this innate desire to hate on rival University of Michigan and it’s super cute town Ann Arbor..but this city is incredible and I love to visit. I wish East Lansing had some of the elements of Ann Arbor, but luckily it’s just an hour away. I made plans to meet up with Jazz of Bokkie and a Boy since it’s a great meeting point for both of us. Read More »

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Mini Guide to Pittsburgh!


Steel City

Pittsburgh is a beautiful city. I love the hills, steeply sloped neighborhoods, bridges and anywhere you look, there’s a magnificent view. It seems to me it’s a bit underrated. Much more scenic than most cities I’ve visited and it’s affordable to visit.

Now that my friend moved to one of the suburbs in the Pittsburgh area, I’ve made more frequent trips and with my recent car issue, I made back-to-back plans to return to then retrieve my car–and extra plans to make the most of it.

As a tourist, I’m sharing a few of my favorite places in Pittsburgh to visit. Check out my mini guide Read More »

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