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Wearing White Jeans


Styling White Denim

I’ve never desired a pair of white jeans. They seemed a little too preppy for my style and also not practical with my inability to not spill shit on myself. But for some reason this summer, these called out to me. Maybe it’s the distressing that makes them not so Stepford Wife and more approachable. Read More »

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Weekends at Home


Weekend Wear

Last weekend was one of those rare ones where I had almost nothing going on (except entertain visiting grandparents!) I wore this look to work and at home to chill. I had my eye on this sweater for quite some time before finally scooping it up last summer, but only recently started wearing more often. It’s been great for spring transition and imagine it will be a good choice layered over a pair of jean cut offs on a summer night..ahh can’t wait for that weather. Read More »


Goodbye Summer

DSC_4379 A low key holiday weekend visiting the family, but mostly hanging out with James and cursing the man who power washed the house and ruined my cable connection.

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