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Hosting a Simple, Savory Winter Brunch

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Entertaining during Michigan Winters

I become even more of a homebody during the cold, blistery weather. It’s easy to become isolated in Michigan during the winter season because of the weather, but luckily this is also the time of the year I love to cook and bake (hey, what else can I do?) And so I bring the party to me. Read More »

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Coffee & Breakfast



I made a trip to local donut shop Glazed and Confused for a meeting with Retail Therapy last weekend, my first social plans outside of work in some time. I’ve been bumming around a lot lately, choosing to binge watch Game of Thrones again instead of making plans with humans. And now my friend introduced me to my newest guilty TV pleasure: Heartland. So..back to hermit status I go. Read More »

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Lazy Bitch Guide: Entertaining at Home


Hosting Parties and Shit

I hosted a mini housewarming party, I say mini because I don’t like planning things unless I’m getting paid for it. First tip for lazy bitches planning a party at home? Keep it small. I’m all about keeping my parties manageable in size and time required to plan it. Read More »

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