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Blue Owl Visit

My friend Courtney drove in from Pittsburgh for a girls weekend last week, a much needed respite of watching Heartland and eating shit food. On a social afternoon, we jaunted over to Blue Owl Coffee, Retail Therapy and wandered around Old Town. She wanted to see all my favorite places I’ve posted about on my blog and social media, which made it easy for planning her visit–just head into places I normally visit on weekends! Read More »

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Girl(s) on the Go


Fitness Update

I’ve realized a few new goals of mine, namely becoming much more toned. And while I’ve increased my workouts to six times a week, I’m back to eating chips and drinking Red Bull on the regular. Of course, I think I have a much better balance with my junk food snacking, but I’d like to practice a little more self control and see what the mix of cardio and lifting more weights will do, paired with eating right. Read More »

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2017 Fitness Update: Down 18 Pounds


Last summer, I shared my summer weight loss journey and wanted to share an update since then!

Getting Back On Track

If you don’t recall where I was last year, I lost nine pounds in the first month of FLEXcity Fitness‘ month-long nutrition program. By the time I wrote my first blog post about it, I went from 144 pounds to 134 pounds.

And after that first month, I signed up for the six month continuation, which wasn’t as strict (I was allowed a couple cheat meals a week!) and I met with Jenny or Trista weekly to review my food journal. They really pushed me to cut back on pop and energy drinks and less dairy. I lost another six pounds during those six months–all by eating better and more balanced meals, more workouts and keeping a food journal.


By the start of 2017, I cut back on my workouts significantly because of my current work situation. Instead of four times a week, I was down to twice a week. Once I returned to my normal work schedule, I wanted to focus on becoming stronger and kick start my metabolism again. And so I signed up for their new program, FLEXfit Kitchen.  They partnered with Fit Mitten Kitchen to share weekly recipes and helped us understand the correct portions to eat. And this time, I increased my classes at FLEX to five times a week.

After a month of the program (think really tasty recipes, a supportive Facebook group and weekly weigh-ins to keep you motivated and held accountable), I lost three more pounds–down to 126.5 pounds. The weight doesn’t matter much to me, although I was happy with the number out of vanity. The real win was building a lot more muscle, reminding myself of healthy portion sizes and just feeling better.

Moving Forward

Thanks to FLEXcity Fitness, I have a much better understanding of what I need to eat to be balanced and have become a much more mindful eater. Instead of counting calories, I try to plan meals and make sure I have carbs, proteins and good fats and that I don’t have a snack every hour of every day.

If you live near one of the FLEX studios in Lansing, Grand Rapids or Bloomfield Hills, I highly recommend trying the program when they launch it again!

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[leggings from Lululemon, crop top from Outdoor Voices, bomber jacket from Meijer, Adidas shoes, bagy by Givenchy, Quay sunglasses from Retail Therapy]
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