Summer to Fall Beauty Transitions with Meijer


Fall State of Mind

After this summer’s scorching heat and humidity, I’ve never welcomed the fall season so much in my life. As I’m ushering in the dark berry lip shades and layers of plaid, I realize we’re still between seasons and a little more of a transition is necessary for beauty and skincare.
I’ve partnered with Meijer to share a few of my favorites of the season and during this transition:



So before I reach for my black lip stick (that I already have in my arsenal as pictured above that pairs perfectly with NYX’s lip pencil in Nebula), I’m instead opting for translucent stains and sheer lipsticks in deeper colors for the rest of September.

I’m also still a huge fan of the nude lipstick trend, opting for a glossier matte finish than just matte. Milani’s lip liner in natural or Cover Girl’s lip liner match my natural lip color pretty well and so I try to define my lips and fill in with one of these two and add a little NYX Liquid Suede in Sandstorm to finish the look. I like this formula because it doesn’t dry my lips out and I’m also a huge fan of NYX butter gloss (like Oatmeal Raisin or Tres Leches) over a matte lip liner or lipstick.

I’ll also keep the highlighter bold to complement the light tan I’m still holding on to. And I’ll continue with a darker, more natural brow. Nothing too perfect and overdrawn, just well-groomed. What beauty trends are you on board with this season?


I don’t know about your skin, but mine requires more moisturizer with the change in seasons and with my sensitive, acne-prone skin, I really like Aveeno. I have no issues with breakouts with the products and I like using a heavier night cream and a light daily moisturizer each day.


One of my goals for this fall with my skincare routine is to make it a habit to continue to do a little extra for my skin. Of course, I always wash, moisturize and apply acne-zapping creams to trouble spots, but let’s be real. I’m 30. I’m dealing with this awesome combo of adult acne AND aging skin. Going the little extra means making time for me and applying weekly masks, actually staying on track with applying eye cream and deep cleaning my pores. I truly love L’Oreal’s Pure Clay Mask. This green version is all about detoxifying, which is exactly what my skin type needs, plus it smells amazing. I started to try out Olay Eyes. I really like the formula, but results are yet to be determined since I just started trying the product this week!


Meijer Beauty Deals to Watch!

This week is Meijer Beauty Week (Through Sept. 17!) and with that comes some great deals. And because I love Meijer, I should also mention the Buy One Get One 50% Sale on all women’s, junior’s, plus and active wear that runs Sept. 15-21. Get your butt over there and check out the beauty and apparel (and even accessories–the scarf below is also from Meijer!)


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  • Angela
    September 18, 2016 at 8:21 pm

    I’m SO excited for fall. It’s still hot in Los Angeles, so I’m stuck wearing summer clothes until the sun decides to go away and I can start wearing layers.