Playing Catch Up

I was so excited to get home by 6:30 last night with daylight to spare, an apartment to clean and dog cuddles to catch up on while I edited head shots I took after work. I parked my ass on the floor and cranked those out in no time and then grabbed Mexican food for dinner with Kyle. It’s been a hectic couple of weeks orienting to the new job, Kyle’s new job and just balancing life in general. 
I’ve been feeling quite a bit of guilt for James who’s used to me working from home and pretty much always having someone at home with him. So now he goes to doggie daycare once a week and I found a pet sitter who will visit him and take him for walks while I’m at work. And once I get a baby gate to quarantine his little butt to my area, I will be able to take him with me from time to time.
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