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When I was in Chicago last weekend, I checked out the Birchbox pop up. With a mimosa in one hand and snapchat filming in the other, I picked out an assortment of products for my custom Birchbox. I love the box print. It’s just so pretty. I’ve been using the Kiehl’s moisturizer and the Hello fragrance a lot this week and may need to pull the trigger and buy full size versions.
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I’ve been reorganizing my closets and realized how much I miss my sweater. Another or month or so and I’ll be snuggled up in these. Some of my favorites are Soft JoieUnif and Acne Studios (out of my price range, but love.) I picked up these vintage dad jean levi’s from Rawson last week the SHUDIO in Chicago. They take my butt to another level. 
Well, my skin is back to being a jerk again and so I’ve been incorporating some new products that are gentle and moisturizing while I still try to function with adult acne and dryness. Stemology’s cell rescue gel toner is super gentle and great for sensitive skin and I’ve been using after cleanser the last week.
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