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I’m constantly inspired and motivated by women with that entrepreneurial spirit and the ability to wear many hats, whether it’s creative, fashion or tech-based. So I’m launching a new series to share the stories and advice from influential and inspirational women, starting with my girl crush CariDee English, who won America’s Next Top Model during cycle 7.  Today she models, acts, sings and serves as the global ambassador for the National Psoriasis Foundation. CariDee has such a big personality, a great sense of humor and a candidness that I really appreciate. She’s one bad ass bitch. Read her tips and advice on working in and breaking into the fashion industry and how she keeps her shit together.
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What advice do you
have for young women who are passionate about the fashion industry and how to get a foot in the door?
The good news is that there are so many avenues to take from
modeling, styling, photography, make up. It’s about knowing what you’re good at
and focusing on it. You’re also your own boss in this industry. You can easily
put things off, but there’s no such thing as a day off. You have to meet
people, do something everyday to create what you love. You have to discipline
What’s it really like
to work in the fashion industry?
It’s great, it’s a blessing and there’s power in being your
own boss. The issue is longevity. You have to stretch it as long as you can as a model and be open to explore other avenues. There’s also no time to have a bad day. You have to be
on at all times no matter what’s going on at home. You’ve got to be rested
mentally to perform the best.
What’s been an
obstacle for you to overcome to reach success?
Psoriasis. I was diagnosed when I was five and it covered my
body until I was 22. There’s no cure, but there are medications. People didn’t
think I could be a model with psoriasis, but if you’re relentless, your dreams
will come true. After America’s Next Top Model, I became the spokesperson [of
the National Psoriasis Foundation.] I wasn’t ashamed anymore. I wanted to
inspire people and not to just pursue modeling, but to overcome the small things and take control over their own lives.
Since you have many talents—serving as a spokesperson,
modeling, acting–how do you balance your time with your interests and
A great sex life. Having a great partner or family unit that
grounds you helps with the balance.
What was one of your
biggest failures? What did you learn from it?
When I was 21, I pressed snooze one too many times and
missed a meeting with a magazine and missed the opportunity to be on the cover
of the magazine. I learned from that mistake. Give yourself time to prepare,
don’t procrastinate.
Where do you see
yourself in 5-10 years? (my job interview question)

Happy, fulfilled with modeling and music in my life, doing
what I love and becoming a mom. Hopefully not twins.
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