In My Gym Bag

I never thought I’d need an actual gym bag, but I realized I shoving gym clothes into my totes for work or just carrying shit under my arm. I realized, there is a purpose for a gym bag and I opted for a black Lululemon bag with several compartments including a bag to toss in dirty laundry post-workout. It’s just easier when I’m running to a work out class during my lunch on a weekday when I’m at work. I also picked up a couple large make up bags like this heart one to house my mini body wash, face wash cloths (my favorite is by Simple), travel-size perfume and face lotion along with my deodorant and to store my make up essentials. Nothing crazy. I always keep a towel in my bag since I profusely sweat no matter what and stash a couple extra pairs of underwear since on many occasions I’ve forgotten to pack them. I also pack a travel size Febreze to spray in my bag and my shoes to help control the STANK.
My favorite shoes and my favorite deodorant: I always keep at least one deodorant of Dove (dry spray and stick!) I love using these shoes for a workout since they transition so well to my outfits and can keep them on in the afternoon post-workout.
My make up bag for after a work out is pretty simple: face lotion by Glossier, face primer and CC cream by Loreal (c/o Meijer!) and concealer. I don’t need mascara right now with my eyelash extensions or blush since I’m bright red for hours after a work out, but I still want light coverage and even out my tone for the rest of the day!
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