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It’s been at least a couple years since I’ve shared what’s in my bag and once I threw away the crumpled up receipts and Werthers Originals wrappers, this is what I was left with. Since I have a long work commute and usually find myself out and about during the week, I’ve been collecting leather totes that can carry the basic essentials plus my camera and other things not pictured here like a water bottle and notepad. Right now, I’m currently carrying this black leather tote from ASOS along with the clutch to carry small items along with my wallet overly stuffed with work receipts I need to keep.
For the Face: I carry at least one lip balm, lip gloss and lipstick color versatile enough to be worn with anything I’m wearing on a particular day. Day to day, I usually forget to pack the red lipstick I put on in the morning for work, so at least this way I have some options when I’m away from home. My favorites are Revlon Super Lustrous lip gloss and Bite High Pigment pencil. I also pack my tinted moisturizer by Laura Mercier and Naked palette along with my foundation brush and blush brush. Since my skin is oily and I’m typically gone all day, I like to freshen up midday with the two things that make me feel better: even skin tone and some color on my cheeks. I also usually carry a mini mascara.
Wallet/clutch: It’s easy for shit to get lost in a giant bag, so I pack a leather clutch or make up bag to store my make up and the smaller items like travel size fragrances and an Aleve bottle, which actually contains my migraine meds.
Eyewear: I’m never without at least one pair of aviators and usually a pair of prescription glasses to wear when I drive. I’ve been making attempts to return my sunglasses to their cases, but unfortunately that hasn’t become a habit yet.
Snacks: I’m hungry like every minute of every day. I regularly pack extra granola bars and depending on the day, I’ll store a Baby Bell cheese and other food items that should stay refrigerated, but I’ll pack and eat later at room temperature.
Essentials: My keys are an eyesore in this photo, but I need all the keys and the member cards attached to get my grocery store discounts! And obviously, my phone is glued to me at all times so if I’m on the go, it’s either in the bag or in my hand.
Bag c/o ASOS
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