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Moving and Cleaning House

Whenever I move, I purge. And I’ve been moving every one to two years since leaving for college when I was 18. Moving has always proved to light a fire under my ass to let go of things I’m not wearing or using. I’m not sentimental about much, so it’s easy for me to let go of things and even easier when I know it’s for a good cause. Here are a few tips that help me with closet cleaning:

Choose One Category to Focus On

Overwhelmed with your closet and how much you’ve accumulated? I’ve been there. When I just don’t know where to start, I pick a category, like pants and go through each pair and process whether or not I truly need it. Then it goes in a pile for friends/family, consignment sales or Schoola, which donates proceeds to schools (not sponsored, just really support their work!)

Ask Yourself, Do You Really Wear It?

I get caught up in the “I spent THIS much on it, I have to keep it” or “I wore it twice, I NEED to keep it.” And in both situations, the article of clothing sits there, collecting dust. When I find that I’m wanting something because it’s truly a great piece, then I think of a friend or family member who would like it as much as I do–and actually wear it.

Pass It On

I have a friend, Ashley, who loves and appreciates any professional clothing so if I’m on the fence on something professional, I usually let it go and put in a bag for her. If it’s something that skews a little younger, my nieces get it, and again, I know they’ll love it, which makes it easier to let things go. If it’s something super cute and doesn’t fall into these categories, it goes in a Schoola shipping bag with a pre-paid label, making life a lot easier to minimize and move forward.

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