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My Guilt Free Mental Health Days

Burning the Candle at Both Ends

Through high school, college and the beginning of my career, I regularly overextended myself. I didn’t know how to handle my stress and anxiety or how to communicate what I was going through. I felt like taking on too much with no rest was a necessary evil in high school to get into college, a prerequisite to get a good job after college and then a mandatory part of my career in public relations.

But with time and self-awareness, I’ve been able to learn how to say no and take the time I need as an introvert to energize myself and find balance. And truly the best way I can fully restore my sanity is through taking time off to do nothing at all. A mental health day. Read More »

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Girl(s) on the Go


Fitness Update

I’ve realized a few new goals of mine, namely becoming much more toned. And while I’ve increased my workouts to six times a week, I’m back to eating chips and drinking Red Bull on the regular. Of course, I think I have a much better balance with my junk food snacking, but I’d like to practice a little more self control and see what the mix of cardio and lifting more weights will do, paired with eating right. Read More »

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2017 Fitness Update: Down 18 Pounds


Last summer, I shared my summer weight loss journey and wanted to share an update since then!

Getting Back On Track

If you don’t recall where I was last year, I lost nine pounds in the first month of FLEXcity Fitness‘ month-long nutrition program. By the time I wrote my first blog post about it, I went from 144 pounds to 134 pounds.

And after that first month, I signed up for the six month continuation, which wasn’t as strict (I was allowed a couple cheat meals a week!) and I met with Jenny or Trista weekly to review my food journal. They really pushed me to cut back on pop and energy drinks and less dairy. I lost another six pounds during those six months–all by eating better and more balanced meals, more workouts and keeping a food journal.


By the start of 2017, I cut back on my workouts significantly because of my current work situation. Instead of four times a week, I was down to twice a week. Once I returned to my normal work schedule, I wanted to focus on becoming stronger and kick start my metabolism again. And so I signed up for their new program, FLEXfit Kitchen.  They partnered with Fit Mitten Kitchen to share weekly recipes and helped us understand the correct portions to eat. And this time, I increased my classes at FLEX to five times a week.

After a month of the program (think really tasty recipes, a supportive Facebook group and weekly weigh-ins to keep you motivated and held accountable), I lost three more pounds–down to 126.5 pounds. The weight doesn’t matter much to me, although I was happy with the number out of vanity. The real win was building a lot more muscle, reminding myself of healthy portion sizes and just feeling better.

Moving Forward

Thanks to FLEXcity Fitness, I have a much better understanding of what I need to eat to be balanced and have become a much more mindful eater. Instead of counting calories, I try to plan meals and make sure I have carbs, proteins and good fats and that I don’t have a snack every hour of every day.

If you live near one of the FLEX studios in Lansing, Grand Rapids or Bloomfield Hills, I highly recommend trying the program when they launch it again!

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[leggings from Lululemon, crop top from Outdoor Voices, bomber jacket from Meijer, Adidas shoes, bagy by Givenchy, Quay sunglasses from Retail Therapy]
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