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running errands

THANK YOU Tieka for redesigning my blog! It fits me much better than the template I previously selected. She definitely knows me and created something that fits my personality perfectly.

Today’s look is a result of dirty hair and throwing something together to run errands in. I was so proud of myself for wearing my regular scarf as an infinity scarf. I tied the ends together and then wrapped it in two loops. I’m sure so many people already do this, but I was so impressed with myself. hehe.

I used to wear my hair up on top of my head a lot in high school, but I’ve become increasingly self-conscious of this bump on my forehead that resulted from an accident on a swing when I was in 4th grade. I saw this photo below in Glamour magazine and I thought this model and her hairstyle was so cute. Of course, I don’t have gorgeous red straight hair, but I thought I would give the messy bun a try again.


My interpretation:
[jeans by bdg, scarf from urban outfitters, sweater by silence+noise, leather jacket by frenchi, flats from urban outfitters, but so old I don’t know brand they are]
I ran into a t.v. reporter I sort of know at Michigan State University’s student union. He was working on a story and I’ve only talked to him in professional capacities–where I’m dressed up for work or photographing an event. He seemed to surprised to see me and said, “Oh.. you blend right in.” I got a kick out of that. I tried SO hard not to do my hair like this in college. Here I was blending in with them all!
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we were walkin’ downtown…

Today I feel back to normal! No longer sicky! Tieka and I got together for lunch at the Olive Garden and then took some pictures in downtown Muskegon. I absolutely love photographing Tieka. Everything she does is so cute and she doesn’t just stand there. She moves around and is a photographer’s dream. She’s just a natural in front of the camera. We then took some video of each other walking around and being silly. I think she’s going to make a video out of it haha can’t wait to see it! I was dressed a bit fancy today, but I’ve been wearing sweatpants almost all day everyday, so I decided to wear a comfy skirt and one of my newer purchases–a fabulous shirt with shoulder pads. The skirt is so versatile and it will go with nearly anything I own. Click here to see how I wore it the last time.


[Skirt by Ecote, shouldered padded top by Zara, belt by Kimchi & Blue, tights from Target, socks from Target, boots by Deena & Ozzy]




I love Tieka, so I’m adding some photos of her too. She’ll have more up soon on her blog as well!


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I’m in Muskegon for the weekend. I managed to take a few photos today despite STILL being sick. I went to the hospital for the second time this weekend and got some shots and I immediately felt better. Hence the quite casual look… I own a couple of these t-shirt dresses and they are so comfortable. The cable knit tights kept me warm and I didn’t feel like wearing jeans like I normally do, so I wore this to the movies with my grandparents. Petey, my grandparents’ pomeranian makes me feel better so I played with him for a little bit today.


[t-shirt dress by American Apparel, scarf by Free People, tights from Urban Outfitters, boots by Miss Me, leather jacket by For Joseph]



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friday restday

I’m pumped to share that Tieka and I will be attending Chictopia10 Social Influence Summit in New York City! We’re roadtripping it and staying at Hotel 91. Our room will have twin beds! It’s the last room available that weekend and it’s so cheap! I’ve never been to NYC before so I’m a little nervous! But also excited to hear the founder of Modcloth speak, see the designer showcase and meet some of these fabulous girls I see on Chictopia.

I’ve been feeling terrible with a migraine that I’ve had for the last 24 hours, so no outfit post like I originally planned. I was instructed to take the day off which I hate doing. I’m a control freak and I had things to get done and we have Monday off for MLK Day so everything is going to get put of until next Tuesday. πŸ™ But I did want to share a couple things that I like on the blog while I’m couchbound. I just took vicodin and I’m feeling a bit better for the moment.

I’ve been really drawn to anything grey, which isn’t uncommon for me but every accessory or shoe I like happens to be grey.

I am in love with this leather belted hip pack that’s on sale at Need Supply. Sometimes I just don’t need a purse and I hate carrying things around on my arms if I’m out with friends or shopping.


This shoe was apparently designed with the help of Emily who won the Jeffrey Campbell contest on How exciting and this shoe is amazing.


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strong shoulder + tapered pants

I wore my new tapered pants today! Wearing dress pants today reminded me of my intern days when I was unsure of how I should dress so I only wore generic button- up shirts, khakis and a boring pair of flats (the same stank pair I trekked miles through campus without socks.) I was definitely the drab, quiet, weird intern. I didn’t know how to transition from my college casual clothes to professional work clothes. I was just so unsure of myself and it came off through the way I dressed. Today, when I put these on I felt like, “these are so me!” I guess that’s what age does–you become a little more sure of yourself and maybe take risks.

While I like to try new styles, I definitely tone them down with a muted color palette, which works perfect for this season. I’m hoping color starts to appeal to me so that it’s not always wearing grey and black. I love those colors though.

Speaking of interns, I’m going to try to coerce one of my communications interns, Naomi, to be featured here. She’s got such great style!


[bag by marc jacobs, tapered pants by bcbg, boots by deena and ozzy, leopard print scarf from jb and me and top from lexi drew]


I look stupid in this one, but this is a better view of the outfit.



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